Thodos Dance Chicago's Summer Intensive Scholarship Audition


Venue: Drucker Center, Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls, 1535 North Dayton Street, Chicago, IL 60642

Thodos Dance Chicago's first 2013 Summer Intensive will be offered June 17-22 for dancers aged 14-18 that are at an intermediate, advanced or pre-professional level. The second 2013 Summer Intensive will be offered August 5-10 for dancers aged 18-25 that are at intermediate, advanced, pre-professional or professional levels. Ballet, modern and contemporary technique will be taught, along with composition and improvisation, repertory, and body health and wellness.

Instructed by Melissa Thodos, the Founder and Artistic Director of Thodos Dance Chicago, along with ensemble members of the company, the intensives guarantee that dancers will experience the award-winning athletic style of  the company. Intensive participants will see for themselves how dance, education and choreography can compliment a dancer’s personal development.

Each intensive costs $550. Scholarship auditions allow dancers to compete for finiancial assistance. 

p) 1-312-266-6255
w) TDC's 2013 Summer Intensives

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