A groundbreaking platform for dance films

A groundbreaking platform for dance films

dancefilmmaking.com is a brand new educational and entertainment company dedicated to the art of dance filmmaking. As a groundbreaking initiative, they showcase and promote the best dance films from around the world. Think of them as the Netflix of dance films!

Since the Covid pandemic, movement-based films have had a meteoric rise. This new, curated, free platform is here to celebrate these extraordinary works and pave the way for the future of dance.

Their mission is to bring dance cinema to a wider audience, support and endorse new talent, and uplift this undervalued, yet rapidly expanding, art form. At the intersection of art and technology, they are confident that dancefilmmaking.com will create a surge of inspiration and opportunity for dancers, artists, filmmakers, and the wider public.

Dancefilmmaking.com has already formed partnerships with some of the biggest dance festivals around the world, and are dedicated to building an international network that transcends language, culture, and geography. After all, that’s where dance shines brightest. They also don’t charge any subscription or viewing fees because they believe accessibility reigns supreme.

Beyond hosting dance films, dancefilmmaking.com will also provide students and dance enthusiasts with masterclasses and other learning opportunities to strengthen their skills and hone their craft. 

“Many of us have been wanting something like this both to provide a more professional presentation context for our films after festival screenings, but also for those of us who are educators and want access to a wider range of dance film examples to use in our courses. This is a huge step forward in all regards so THANK YOU for making this happen,” John Dixon, Professor at East Carolina University.

Nadav Heyman is dancefilmmaking.com’s founder and executive director. An award-winning writer and filmmaker specializing in movement based films, Nadav has screened his work in festivals and galleries around the world, including France, Spain, Korea, Australia, and the UK.

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