Actress/Dancer Jade Chynoweth collaborates with Fuego to design dual indoor/outdoor-use dance sneaker

Actress/Dancer Jade Chynoweth collaborates with Fuego to design dual indoor/outdoor-use dance sneaker

Fuego, a Miami-based and internationally beloved brand of premium dance sneakers has unveiled its latest style, the Jade x Fuego. Designed in collaboration with world-class hip-hop and contemporary dancer and actress Jade Chynoweth, the low-top dance sneaker is manufactured from recycled water bottles and made with patented technology to help dancers find their flow.

Like all Fuego styles, the Jade x Fuego features patented outsole technology including pivot points to help with spins and turns and a sole engineered for dance on any surface. The dual pivot point on the bottom of Fuego sneakers lifts a dancer two millimeters off the ground, which boosts spin ability while reducing friction and torque on a dancer’s knees. All Fuego styles are engineered for indoor and outdoor use and specially made to perform great on a variety of dance surfaces, including hardwood, tile, carpet, concrete/gravel, marley dance floors and even grass. 

“I wanted to create something with Fuego that was comfortable yet stylish and something that grounds you,” said Jade Chynoweth, hip hop and contemporary dancer. “I imagine everybody wearing this sneaker; it’s not just for dancers.”

Jade Chynoweth is an American actress, hip hop/contemporary dancer and choreographer. Her professional dance accolades include commercials for Toyota, Nike, and Spotify, and being chosen as an Elite Protégé at The Pulse on Tour (2010-2011 season). Chynoweth has been a featured dancer in several Mindless Behavior music videos and at the Kids’ Choice Awards and MTV Music Award shows. She is well known for her acting role as Odalie Allen in all three seasons of the Starz/You Tube Premium series Step Up. Chynoweth’s film credits include 300: Rise of an Empire and Batman vs. Superman.

The Jade x Fuego marks the 12th dance sneaker style launched by the company since its inception in 2019. To date, Fuego has sold to customers in 120 countries worldwide, representing use in over 20 different dance styles. 

“We’ve long admired Jade for her expression of fearless and passionate emotions through dance,” said Kevin Weschler, CEO and founder of Fuego. “She’s an inspiration for so many dancers across multiple dance genres, and we’re honored to partner with her on the Jade x Fuego design.”

Fuego sneakers include premium insoles to provide extra cushioning for shock absorption and maximum comfort, without affecting flexibility. All styles are water resistant and incredibly lightweight. Fuego’s low-top dance sneaker is the lightest weight on the market (9.7 oz). By comparison, most dance sneakers weigh approximately 14 oz. 

All Jade x Fuego dance sneakers include a unique jade stone, representing groundedness and balance–which Chynoweth chose to encourage dancers to find their flow. 

“I dance because it’s the way I communicate,” said Jade Chynoweth, hip hop and contemporary dancer. “I am not very good with my words all the time and especially with processing my emotions. When I dance, I can talk with my body without saying any words. I’m letting people know how I feel. I’m releasing emotion, and in a way, it’s an escape for me.”

The Jade x Fuego low-top dance sneaker retails for $130 USD. The sneaker is available in both men’s and women’s styles, in full and half sizes. All Fuego sneakers are available for purchase worldwide at

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