Arch Contemporary Ballet premieres 3 works

Replica by Sheena AnnaliseArch Contemporary Ballet, in its mission to launch ballet and music to an inclusive 21st century audience, will soon present three world premieres by Artistic Director Sheena Annalise at The Sheen Center in Manhattan. Performances are set for Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19 at 8 pm, with the addition of a modified Autism Friendly matinee performance on November 19 at 2 pm.


A rising pioneer for ballet and music, Annalise’s distinct style unveils unconventional lines of a dancer’s body. All works will debut with original music scores commissioned from modern artists and will feature collaborations in fashion, technology and film.


“Arch Contemporary Ballet challenges the past and launches into the future with new pointe work, new music, and new ideas about the potential of ballet,” remarks Annalise. “Through collaborations with emerging artists and themes relevant to today, we are creating work to resonate with new audiences. We want ballet to be and continue to be relevant to the entire community.”


Young Blood opens the evening and will share the stage with a live youth orchestral ensemble in a sprightly, effervescent and upbeat tone. The orchestral ensemble is elevated above the stage floor as the audience looks in on the dancers playing on the dynamic of being forever young. The electric and free spirited movement inspired by childhood games such as tag, patty cake, leap frog, red rover and countless others is complimented by a string and percussion score by award-winning composer Matthew AC Cohen.


In contrast, a dynamic and fluid Plated allures viewers with malleable and intriguing shapes in this thought-provoking duet. The dancers represent an image of superficial happiness based on social media expectations, but as their gold dipped bodies entangle, the façade chips away suggesting all is not as it first seems, and the golden posture is merely “plated.” A live saxophone performance by Thomas La Rocca accentuates this modern reality.


The finale, Replica, illustrates how we live in a culture where everything is replicated or reproduced and explores the value of an original object. The striking choreography is stirred with 3D printed costumes designed by Merve Oztemel. A new pulsing EDM score and a 3D motion capture backdrop in real-time creates a 4D optical illusion on stage.


General admission tickets to this Arch Contemporary Ballet program are $25. They can be purchased online at To learn more about this company founded in 2013, check out this article from our August edition.


Photo: Arch Contemporary Ballet in Replica by Sheena Annalise. Photo by Noel Valero.