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Airess is the latest innovation from dancewear leader Capezio.


“The new pointe shoes are conceived of and designed with the future in mind,” says Vice President of Design and Merchandising for Capezio, Melissa Brannan. “We’re moving manufacturing technology into a different direction. The level of quality achieved in this shoe category is incomparable in our Airess line and represents the new standard.”


Airess has multiple, distinct variations, with two toe shapes and three shank strengths to choose from. The shoe is designed to provide long-lasting wear in class and rehearsal and encourages maximum articulation of the foot in performance. A new sock lining envelopes the foot and lines the complete interior of the shoe’s upper and shank, proving not only a softer feel but also a gripping effect, making the pointe shoe a natural extension of the foot.


The reduced crown, narrow arch and reduced and rounded heel curve make the Airess flattering and elegant. The “U”-shaped throat extenuates the arch and the shorter leather outsole eliminates excess material at the heel.


The shoe is also engineered to provide extra support and stability. The Airess has a full wing for additional lateral support, a flat and even platform that provides stability en pointe, and elastic binding with an encased elastic drawstring to offer a feeling of security.


In addition, the Airess has a rounded edge on the bottom of the platform for ease in rolling up and down from pointe and is built with quiet toe construction to reduce noise.


“We’re employing technique and information that is decades in the making,” Brannan says. “We can evolve this tradition using all the benefits technology affords us, whether that is material enhancements or the way we shape certain aspects of the products by what we’ve learned through biomechanics of feet in motion. Either way, we embrace the tradition of both the art of dancing en pointe and the heritage of the shoemaking process.”


Airess is available now at local authorized Capezio retailers and at Make sure to get your pair and submit an original photo using #MYCAPEZIOAIRESS for a chance to win. Enter at