Believe National Talent Competition

Believe National Talent CompetitionNational Director
Matt Dillard

BELIEVE is one of the newest and fastest growing talent competitions in the world, thanks to the belief that every event should be entirely about YOU, the performer & dance teacher!

Believe has built a fun, friendly, and professional environment for its competitors, all based on their original promise to studios… Believe does NOT run two rooms at any of their regional events, start routines at 7 a.m., hold awards at 11 p.m., or make performers sit through hour-long ceremonies. 

Believe has added adjudication trophies for every performance, which studios now have the option of forgoing for groups, in place of a donation to iDance4aCure. All performers still receive beautiful pins for their jackets, in addition to overall plaques, scholarships, special awards & Star Dollars. 

Studios qualifying for nationals at Believe will also qualify for all Star Dance Alliance national competitions. We are in more cities than ever before with 37 regional and 2 national competitions in 2020. We are sure you’ll find a location your families will enjoy!


2020 Tour Dates and Locations

Jan 31-Feb 2
Fresno, CA
Feb 21-22

Lowell, MA

Feb 21-23

Spokane, WA
Feb 28-Mar 1

Asbury Park, NJ

Mar 6-8
Atlanta, GA
Greenville, SC
Albemarle, NC
Baltimore, MD
Manahawkin, NJ
Mar 20-21

 Gilbert, AZ

Mar 20-22

Providence, RI
Sewell, NJ

Mar 21-22

Hot Springs, AR
Mar 27-29
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hackensack, NJ

Orlando, FL

Portland, OR

Mar 28-29

Madison, WI
Apr 3-5

East Brunswick, NJ
Nashville, TN
Apr 17-19
Baton Rouge, LA

Chattanooga, TN
Louisville, KY
Mobile, AL

Towson, MD
Apr 24-26

Raleigh, NC

Woodbridge, VA
Spartanburg, SC
Supply, NC
Upland, CA
May 1-3
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Indianapolis, IN
May 8-10
Wheeling, WV

Davenport, IA

Utica, NY
May 15-17
Murfreesboro, TN

2020 Nationals
Jul 1-5
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
July 6-10
Ocean City, MD



Phone 844-737-3737

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