Bodiography Presents 20th Anniversary Red Carpet Rollout Performance

Bodiography Presents 20th Anniversary Red Carpet Rollout Performance

Bodiography is now in its 20th anniversary season in Pittsburgh and prepares for a unique celebration to commemorate two decades of creative expression in the community and beyond. Bodiography’s Red Carpet Rollout will take place from February 25th-27th at the Movement Factory.

A tradition every five years, Caruso has long enjoyed the red-carpet experience and inviting her dancers and patrons to feel like stars. No stranger to wearing ball gowns after every show, no matter how informal, the company is gearing up for a milestone celebration during the ongoing pandemic.

The company has showcased its perseverance through three off-Broadway runs, a Brazilian tour, and a New Year’s Eve performance in Pittsburgh. While the pandemic has forced the company to pivot quickly, there is no better person/entity to do just that than, The M-Train. Bodiography has shone bright within the arts ecosystem through its determination in continuing to provide live dance in the USA and beyond while adhering to safety, health, and wellness.

Even with the Movement Factory’s delayed completion until summer of 2022, the company is using the knowledge gained in New York City to showcase its resilience and passion to keep the arts scene thriving. The 20th Anniversary Celebration will certainly have a red carpet, but it will be performed in a deconstructed loft space in the North Shore, the Movement Factory, a place soon to be home to artists and creatives alike.

Chandeliers will be hung, gowns will be worn, but most importantly dance will be the focal point of the evening highlighting Caruso’s favorite works from her collection. Choices and selections have been carefully curated to showcase all of the performance companies and will include guest appearances by the Bodiography Student Company in a new work by company artist, Isaac Ray. More familiar faces will also take the stage during the evening in a variety of concert length creations.

Caruso’s celebrated 2012 work, Fractured and Rebuilt, a top pick for re-staging on a variety of celebrated companies and academic institutions will combine the company artists as well as BCB2 artists. Intimate Liaisons, another celebrated work will be performed by BCB3 artists Kirstie Corso and Kelly Basil. Additionally, 20 year veteran, rehearsal director, and leader of BCB Charlotte, Lauren Skrabalak, will step in with the company for Caruso’s intensely powerful, Really?!.

Along with these integrated works, Caruso brings back her favorite duets, including the company’s most critically acclaimed work, Light by Love, a passionate journey of youth and adoration. To round things out, she takes the stage for her iconic solo, Hallelujah.

Celebrating its 20th Season under the artistic leadership of Maria Caruso, Bodiography continues to innovate, supporting ascendant creative talent while presenting collaborations and repertory by internationally recognized living artists.

Four performances of Bodiography’s Red Carpet Rollout are sure to impress as patrons get to dress their best and be a part of the experience of dance for Every-BODY! Tickets are $15 for matinee performances and $35 for evening performances.

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