Brian Friedman to release new collection

Reckless CollectionDirector, Producer, Choreographer and Fashion Designer Brian Friedman has announced that his Brian Says B Free (BSBF) Brand will soon release a new collection. Last month the brand posted to its social media, “All new #BSBF #RecklessCollection is coming soon on”


When recently talking to Friedman about what first led him to be interested in fashion, he said, “I have always loved fashion and considered myself to be a pioneer of style. I never liked to follow trends but create them. For me, it was about creating the pieces I wanted to wear because I couldn’t find them for purchase.”


His BSBF Brand was launched almost a decade after he first started toying with his own look and design. He had “first started by designing costumes for dance competition” when he was very young, but it was his work as the Supervising Producer/Creative Director on The X-Factor USA that re-inspired him. His friend and celebrity stylist Marina Toybina helped him to create looks. From their collaboration, Brian Says B Free was born.


“As a Creative Director, I design looks for the shows I work on, be it a music video or world tour for a recording artist or contestants looks on reality shows which define and invest their style, such as One Direction and Fifth Harmony. My work overseeing the styling teams has won Emmy Awards in those areas,” he explained.


Launching BSBF in 2012, he “decided to stop dreaming about fashion” and to make it his “reality.” Thus, the BSBF Signature Collection was birthed out of his “love for fashion.”


When asked if his dance experience benefits him as a designer, Friedman said, “Coming from a dance background, I know what dancers need to be able to move in their clothes. You want your pieces to have stretch in the right direction as well as to hang a certain way. Dancers are some of the most fashionable people in the world and they need to have options accessible to dance in that are just as fabulous as they are stylistically. I am a dancer designing dancewear for dancers… it doesn’t get any better than that!”


Be on the lookout for his new collection at