DANCE and EYE: A group photography exhibition

DANCE and EYE: A group photography exhibition

ARCANE Space presents DANCE and EYE – a digital and print exhibition of photographs of L.A.’s master contemporary dancer Oguri, described as “riveting even in statis” and “a master at redirecting the way one sees and encounters the physical environment.” Oguri is photographed by five photographers from the fine art, sports, rock, pop culture and fashion worlds: Andrew Macpherson, Richard Nielsen, Atiba Jefferson, Ricardo Vidana, and Tali Maranges. A signed, limited-edition photography book based on this exhibition will also be available for sale.

DANCE and EYE opens November 4, 2022 and is on view through November 27, 2022 at ARCANE Space, located at 324 Sunset Avenue unit g, in Venice, CA 90291. Gallery hours are Friday – Sunday 11am – 5 pm (Thursday by appointment only.). Curated by ARCANE Space Co-Founder/Director Morleigh Steinberg, DANCE and EYE features the cross disciplinary collaborations by dancer Oguri and five photographers from distinct backgrounds, generations, and genres. The artists investigate the set of questions that arise when dance and photography work together: Where does the dance take place? If in both the body of the dancer and the eye of the observer, then what role does the eye have in forming the dance? Is the eye part of the dance?

“Although not oblivious to its presence, Oguri’s movement is not made for the camera. His movement is an offering, independent of the photographer’s direction. The result is an authentic exploration by two artists, reliant on each other to create the finished work. Both are involved in a dance, within a dance, within a frame, a continuum of motion and emotion held in suspension,” said Morleigh Steinberg, Curator/Director ARCANE space.

In one-on-one sessions, this eclectic group of photographers bring their individual techniques, technologies, and diverse perspectives to capture and create the dance with Oguri. The backdrop of bare walls and floor of ARCANE Space create a frame for the dance and combined with the frame of the camera lens, provide tension and drama for the chase, the capture, the escape. Roxanne Steinberg documented each session. Her video work is included in the exhibition.

ARCANE Space (2017) was co-founded by dance and visual artist Morleigh Steinberg, and music artist, Frally Hynes. Presenting the work of a wide range of artists, from celebrated to emerging, who may not yet have had the opportunity to exhibit, ARCANE Space is committed to creating community through art and to transforming and reshaping the way space and story is experienced. Click here to learn more.