Dance Recital Ticketing offers Updated Barcode App

Dance Recital Ticketing search appContinual improvement of technology creates an environment of success for studios, according to the founder of the online ticketing solution for dance studios, Dance Recital Ticketing.


Dance Recital Ticketing has been providing online ticketing solutions for dance studios since 2012 and last year released the first iteration of its barcode-scanning app.


“Our barcode scanning app has iteratively improved over the last 12 months,” says Josh Olson, “and our latest release puts more power into the hands of the studio, and makes it faster than ever before to handle the traffic at the door the day of the show.”


Improvements to the app include integration with inexpensive wired and wireless external barcode readers to significantly speed up the scanning process; options to look up orders by name, phone number, order number, and credit card number in cases where printed tickets were not brought to the show or are unreadable; and, an ingenious “offline mode” that allows for ticket scanning even when an Internet connection is not available.


“We are very excited about the recent improvements,” continues Olson, “and we have a couple more surprises for our studios in the next few months. We are always seeking ways to provide improved services to our studios without increasing the cost of service.”


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