<strong>EMERGE125's 2023 Season, April 27-29 at The Flea</strong>

EMERGE125’s 2023 Season, April 27-29 at The Flea

EMERGE125, the resident dance company of The Flea Theater in NYC, is proud to present the premiere of The Path at The Flea, with performances on April 27, 28, and 29. This full-company performance, the first original evening-length choreography in over seven years from EMERGE125 Artistic Director Tiffany Rea-Fisher, explores the audacity of persistence as a core value. Having just staged a decade of repertory at E125’s recent run of shows at Chelsea Factory, Rea-Fisher finds herself and her company in a transitory moment.

“I’m going to be real with you,” says Rea Fisher, “There’s a romanticized sense of the artist as some sort of magician but, most often, the reality is simply about doing the work. That may not sound especially sexy, but it’s true. Epiphanies are easy but they are hardly reliable. If you do the work everyday, your unfettered creativity is revealed rather than forced. This is what The Path means to me: proceeding with greater and greater trust in myself, in my company, and in our future.”

The Path marks the culmination of a six-year partnership between Rea-Fisher and EMERGE125’s Sound and Music Coordinator Erica “Twelve45” Blunt. Many of The Path‘s audio elements were conceived during the 2022 John Brown Lives! Fellowship for Activists and Artists, where Blunt and Rea-Fisher participated as part of the fellowship’s inaugural cohort. As both a composer and remixer, Blunt brings a diverse ear and artist-forward soundtrack to her unique contributions with the company.

“Most choreographers take music as a static canvas to create on top of,” Blunt explains. “But the creative relationship that Tiffany and I share is more balanced. We collaborate to blend sound and choreography as one, adjusting audio and movement together so we can help the dancers convey our underlying message.”

Performing company members include Dennzyl Green, Mikayla Klein, Sarah Kleinke, Madelyn LaLonde, Caitlyn Morgan, Erik Osterkil, Tiffany Terry, Nikaio Thomashow, Alyssa Manginaro, and guest artist Jenna Kulacz.

With moments of intense motion scored by thumping bass and intimate duets atop the song of chirping crickets, The Path offers audiences insight into an increasingly confident company, clarifying their voice with every step ahead. Tickets begin at $16.95 and are on sale now.

 is a Black female-led hub for dance performance, creation, and education. The organization operates dual homes in Harlem and Lake Placid, New York, while serving audiences both locally and around the world. EMERGE125 has established itself as a leader by setting new standards for dancer care; creating innovative, cross-disciplinary collaborations with leading artists; and using movement as a catalyst for community building: expanding the reach, purpose, and impact of the art of dance.

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