Immersive dance event coming to Brooklyn

The People MoversHave you ever been to a show where the performers drive cars into a 10,000 square foot warehouse? If not, then CRAWL: Chapter 4 is bound to be a whole new experience. Choreographer Dante Brown of Warehouse Dance is sure to surprise and entertain, as are the two other immersive dance performances being presented on September 26 as part of The People Movers’ new multi-disciplinary arts series.


The People Movers, known for creating socially, politically and culturally relevant works through complex, physical movement, announced the fourth chapter of the series (and the culminating performance of CRAWL’s pilot year) earlier this month. The show will take to Brooklyn Desks’ new, raw, 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Bushwick at 7:30 p.m. for its debut arts event. In addition to Brown, the evening will feature Gregory Dolbashian of The DASH Ensemble and music/poetry from E.Oks of Double Ones.


CRAWL events foster and support creative proejcts between artists and audiences. The series demonstrates the skill, creativity and diversity of the emerging generation of artistic work in NYC, and radically changes the way that art is seen and experienced.


“It is important to bring up-and-coming creators together, and to produce and support artists who are creating thoughtful, relevant work,” explains Kate Ladenheim, director of The People Movers and founder of CRAWL. “There is a push from audiences and artists alike to build these creative communities and new models of presentation – CRAWL is an answer to that push.”


CRAWL: Chapter 4 will offer an evening of hip-hop inspired, immersive music and dance. Exploring concepts of privilege, systems of oppression, and personal storytelling, these three artists take the audience on a journey from humor to tragedy, maintaining honesty and vulnerability throughout.


In its world premiere, Dante Brown’s Soapbox (LP) will use contemporary movement that incorporates modern, jazz and hip-hop sensibilities. Using popular music from the 1950’s and beyond, this work whimsically addresses the vast range of voices that are deemed important in popular culture through lip-synching, investigative physicality, and humor.


Gregory Dolbashian, who recently enjoyed the successful premiere of INTENSIO with American Ballet Theatre Principal Danil Simkin, will restage his DASHOW, described as an “honest storytelling of the universal experiences of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.” Aimed at revealing the moments we often seek to hide, DASHOW contains moments of humor, intensity, emotion and vulnerability, all painted with the texture of The DASH’s signature contemporary dance style with an urban flair.


Next, in a freestyle rap show that infuses jazz and spoken word, main vocalist and poet E. Oks will be accompanied by a four-piece band for Play Pretend, which confronts the habits that prevent us from exploration. Viewers are introduced to unpredictability that is displayed through a world of sound in this New York Premiere.


This one-night-only performance at Brooklyn Desks Warehouse (located at 395 Johnson Avenue between Morgan and Bogart) still has individual tickets available. They can be found at