International Museum of Dance Celebrates, Centralizes, and Serves

International Museum of Dance Celebrates, Centralizes, and Serves

It is time for dance to be recognized! Conceived in 2016 and founded as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2018, the International Museum of Dance’s (IMoD) model is more than dance archives under dusty glass cases. IMoD is an entire experience that invites all people to explore and share in the wonder of global dance forms, choreographers, and their positive impacts. A first-of-its-kind, IMoD has something unique and educational for everyone, both in-person and online, represented through its brands: IMoDEXPERIENCE, IMoDSTUDIO, and IMoDBUILDING.  

The International Museum of Dance is pioneering a new museum model and guiding the future of dance communities, by providing a myriad of in-person and virtual experiences. IMoD’s core belief is that dance is a universal language that every person can relate to, and that it has the capacity to bring people together.

There are three areas of experience offered by The International Museum of Dance. 

IMoDSTUDIO is a comprehensive platform for dance education, archives, and other much-needed resources which is currently coming to fruition by way of a partnership with a leading technology company, and co-designed by partners including the Gene Kelly Legacy Project. The latest technologies will be employed, and dance will be experienced in three-dimensional reality, enlightening the dance learning experience and enlivening dance archives. Those who cannot afford dance classes will be able to learn from the top dance educators, for free. Those who have no secure place to catalog their digital archives will finally be given a space to do so, at a low cost.  

IMoDEXPERIENCE creates in-person and virtual pop-up events including immersive dance exhibitions,  classes, workshops, lectures, festivals, school residencies, and cinema.  

IMoDBUILDING will include more than one bricks and mortar location. The buildings will serve both as a place to house and preserve physical dance archives to use for pop-up exhibitions, and also as affordable space for dance artists to incubate ideas, promote work, and collaborate on exhibitions with MOD team members.

In addition, IMoD will present endless opportunities to explore current upcoming events and exhibitions,  learn from Artists in Residence, and listen to the MODPOD (Podcast).  

“With this time comes an opportunity for us to help dance communities survive, and to offer new spaces for inspiration and healing,” said Hilary Palanza Gutkin, Founder & CEO of the International Museum of Dance.

With the International Museum of Dance, you’ll never look at a museum the same way again. Dance on over to the website at for more information on these incredible events and exhibitions.

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