Amy Magsam and Trinity InayA new duo dubbed FEMME REBELLION is on the scene and they’re seeking to inspire and motivate young dancers to believe in themselves. Following their first video Salute a month ago, the two have now released their second video, I Am Not a Robot, with choreography by B-girl Bonita (Bonita Saldana) of Beat Freaks. [Watch it below.]


The dancers, Amy Magsam and Trinity Inay, started FEMME REBELLION as a “new movement to inspire dancers in all genres and walks of life to embrace their unique qualities to empower their journeys, breaking any and all stereotypes.” They both personally understand what it’s like to question yourself because of negative typecasting and body stereotypes. Both have faced continual challenges and roadblocks due to their short, athletic builds. Magsam by former teachers—telling her she would never be a “pretty dancer”—and Inay on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Challenge.


Yet, because of their drive and push to overcome, these teens have been rewarded with booking stage performances with Janet Jackson, spots on crews such as Sugar & Spice Crew and ImmaBeast Crew, and titles such as Hollywood Vibe Teen Dancer of the Year, Pulse Elite Protege and Velocity Phoenix Teen MVA.


At only 15, the girls have many years ahead of them! To follow them, subscribe to their YouTube channel at