Joe Goode’s company returns to Chicago

Hush by Joe Goode Performance GroupIn mid-March, the Joe Goode Performance Group will return to the Windy City’s leading presenter of contemporary dance, The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, to present the local premiere of the dance-theatre work Hush.


Joe Goode’s 2013 evening-length work Hush pushes the boundaries of dance theatre, with narrative, drama, music and dance playing equally strong roles. The dancers’ voices, a driving musical score and the unique presence of a Foley (sound effects) artist create a provocative soundscape for the story of six interlocking characters in a rundown bar troubled by their hushed secrets. The company developed the text in Hush from the real stories of people they interviewed. [The stories contain mature content.]


Hush feels like chamber music. It’s condensed, tight and weaves a spell like a spider’s web,” wrote Rita Feliciano in the San Francisco Bay Area Guardian.


“The six dancers of the Joe Goode Performance Group knocked the ball out of the park… The show is tight, ready for prime-time, with Broadway levels of production…your eye is led in a fascinating dance around the space, from shadows to highlights, which corresponds to the emotional curves of a drama about having to bite your tongue and say nothing,” wrote Paul Parish in the Bay Area Reporter.


Founded in 1979, Joe Goode Performance Group is known for promoting understanding, compassion and tolerance through the innovative use of dance and theatre, as interpreted by the artistic vision and work of Joe Goode. In Goode’s words: “We want to be a site for innovation, to take dance theatre out of the traditional theatre setting and to place it in a more living, breathing relationship to the viewer.”


Goode was named a United States Artists Fellow for 2008, one of only five national dance artists so honored, selected for his unflagging commitment to innovation and experimentation in dance theatre. In 2007, he received the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.


Company performances take place March 10–12 at The Dance Center. A post-performance conversation with the artists will happen on Opening Night and a pre-performance talk with just Goode will be Friday, March 11 at 6:30 pm. For information on tickets, call 312-369-8330 or visit


Photo: Joe Goode Performance Group in Hush. Photo by RJ Muna.