Limón Dance Company Joins Dance Now! Miami For Program III May 12-14 Across South Florida

Limón Dance Company Joins Dance Now! Miami For Program III May 12-14 Across South Florida

What happens when one of New York’s iconic Modern Dance ensembles, the Limón Dance Company, joins forces with one of Florida’s leading contemporary groups, Dance NOW! Miami? A powerful series of joint performances across three counties, with additional educational and community events, that will make local dance lovers swoon.

The two companies will share the stage for Program III of Dance NOW’s season on Thursday, May 12, at Lake Worth’s Duncan Theatre, on Friday, May 13 at Broward Center’s Amaturo Theater, and on Saturday, May 14, at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. The programs will include a collaboration between the two groups, along with pieces from each separately.

At all dates, the Limón and Dance NOW! companies will jointly perform The Waldstein Sonata, a 1971 unfinished work from Limón completed after his death by Dr. Daniel Lewis, former Limón Artistic Director and the Founding Dean of the Dance Department at the New World School of the Arts. Lewis, with Nancy Jordan, former Julliard faculty member, will restage the work on both companies.

“It’s such an honor for us to share the stage with the Limón Dance Company, whose work and legacy has been an ongoing inspiration to us,” said Dance NOW! Miami Artistic Co-Director Hannah Baumgarten. “This is part of our Masterpiece in Motion series of historic reconstructions, and the fifth work from Limón we are doing.” The evening will, in addition, feature the Limón Dance Company in Psalm, inspired by Andre Schwarz-Bart’s novel, “The Last of the Just”, choreographed by Limón before his death. It is based on the ancient Jewish tradition that all the sorrows of the world rest within thirty-six Just Men, the Lamed-Vav, and is an evocation of the heroic power of the human spirit, triumphant over death itself.

Dance NOW! Miami will present two works on their own. The first is a Limón classic that Lewis previously restaged on them, La Malinche, about the real life story of an indigenous Nahua woman who played a key role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, a legendary character in Mexican cultural history. They will also reprise their recent piece, choreographed by Hannah Baumgarten and Dance NOW! Miami Artistic Co-Director Diego Salterini, AnusimWhat is Hidden is Never Lost, depicting a rarely told story in Jewish history about the 1497 decree in Portugal forcing all Jews to be baptized as “New Christians.”

As part of the Limón Dance Company’s visit to South Florida, there will be classes and performances at public schools for youth, and a master class in Limón technique given by current company Artistic Director Dante Puleio. “It’s terrific to be returning to Florida during our 75th year anniversary to collaborate with our colleagues at Dance NOW! Miami” said Puleio. The free master class for dance students and professionals will be Sunday, May 8, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. It will be followed by a short performance and a panel discussion about José Limón, the company’s history and dance reconstructions. Panelists will include both company’s leaders plus Dr. Lewis.

Reserved seating tickets are $50, and $20 for students, with IDs. Advance tickets can be purchased only at

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