National Center for Choreography - Akron Release Third Season of Inside the Dancer's Studio

National Center for Choreography – Akron Release Third Season of Inside the Dancer’s Studio

The National Center for Choreography – Akron (NCCAkron) has launched the third season of Inside the Dancer’s Studio, a podcast that brings listeners into the process of creating dance. Through interviews with choreographers from across the United States, Inside the Dancer’s Studio dissolves the mystique of dance-making into engaging, fun, and deeply human conversation about what moves artists to express their truths through creation and performance.

Artists featured in Season 3 include: Rosie Herrera (Miami, FL), Kate Wallich (Seattle, WA), Christopher K. Morgan (Maui, HI), Courtney Lopes (New York, NY), Helanius J. Wilkins (Boulder, CO), and Ashwini Ramaswamy (Minneapolis-St Paul, MN).

This new season will also feature bonus episodes from NCCAkron’s recent Creative Administration Research Summit Convening — “Artists as Model for the New Socioeconomic Normal” with Marc Bamuthi Joseph (Washington, DC) and Christy Bolingbroke (Akron, OH); and “Money, Mindset, and Motivation: Where Artist Meets Enterprise” with Elena Muslar (Los Angeles, CA), Antuan Byers (New York, NY), Indira Goodwine (Boston, MA), jumatatu m. poe (Raleigh, NC) and Rosie Herrera (Miami, FL). 

The podcast’s host, NCCAkron Executive/Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke, poses a set series of questions about craft, process, and perseverance to each interviewee, including: How do they name a piece? What do they look for in collaborators? What do they do if they find themselves stuck, creatively?  

Each episode was recorded as part of a lunchtime conversation series presented by NCCAkron, with support from The University of Akron. These short talks are perfect for budding dancers, dancemakers, creatives, or anyone who has ever built something from scratch. New episodes are released each Friday on most streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“I’m thrilled to share these conversations about how artists approach their craft, beyond just the latest project a choreographer is developing,” says Bolingbroke. “With each new episode we get yet another perspective on the choreographic process. The series represents the broad expanse and possibilities of dance making today.” 

The podcast is produced by Jennifer Edwards with Ellis Rovin as engineer, transcription by Arushi Singh, theme music by Floco Torres, and cover art by Micah Kraus. Kat Wentz and Kira Ruffin coordinated the 2022 live Inside The Dancer’s Studio program.

For more information and to listen to episodes, visit

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