Need to rent a dance floor?

Posted on: 7/25/2018 5:21PM

Dance Floor RentalsAre you looking to rent a floor for your next dance event? If so, did you know Stagestep offers various floor rental options?


Stagestep Flooring Solutions provides its Timestep Dance Floors for rental. This is the ultimate multi-purpose floor ideally suited for all movement activity, including tap, clogging, ballet, modern, character, ballroom, jazz and flamenco. It’s heavy duty but still portable, and can handle weighty scenery and props. Available in solid gray and solid black, this floor is 6.45 lbs. per yard.


Other floor rental options are Stagestep’s Super Timestep, Super BravoTransportable Sprung Subfloor and Springstep IV Floating Wood Subfloor. Simply call for a quote and to find out availability at 215-636-9000.


Excitingly, rentals are on sale at a 20% discount too! Visit to shop now!



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