New David Geffen Hall to Open October 2022

New David Geffen Hall to Open October 2022

The new David Geffen Hall will open in October 2022, two years ahead of schedule and on budget, a crucial cultural revitalization project at a watershed moment for New York City, Lincoln Center and the New York Philharmonic. Additionally, the funding goal for the $550 million project has been achieved.

The project is improving the entire concert-going experience, creating a state-of-the-art theater to serve as the home of the New York Philharmonic and accommodate anticipated artists and audiences of the future. At the same time, it is creating tens of thousands of square feet of new public space for diverse cultural uses, including performance and community—many of them free to the public. It is achieving all this while respecting the iconic exterior.

New renderings and videos of the public spaces designed by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, as well as an updated animation of the new theater designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, led by Principal Gary McCluskie, are being released for the first time.

“The new David Geffen Hall will be NYC’s cultural hub, teeming with excitement from early morning to late at night—a place where New Yorkers will drop by just to see what’s happening, knowing they will find welcoming public spaces offering dynamic free entertainment, food, fun, art and culture in addition to the superb performances of the NY Philharmonic,” said Katherine Farley, Chair of the Board of Directors at Lincoln Center.

“On behalf of our board and my Co-Chairman Oscar Tang, we are looking forward to returning to our reimagined home,” said Peter W. May, Co-Chairman of the Board of the New York Philharmonic. “The warmth and beauty of the new hall and the design and flexibility of the new spaces will allow the NY Phil to play a major part in the rebirth of New York. We’re deeply grateful to all the contributors and partners who have made this possible.”

The revitalization of David Geffen Hall, with its added promise of creating jobs and driving the economy as New York City recovers from the economic and social impact of COVID-19, is crucial. It will create a superb concert hall and home for the New York Philharmonic, as well as a versatile space for 21st century presentations and exciting community activity.

The reimagination of David Geffen Hall will welcome all who visit with generosity, warmth and fun. Vivid colors, patterns and textures that mirror the spirit and vibrancy of performance will enrich its public spaces. Choreographed to maximize comfort and flexibility, this space is meant to be a living room for New York City—an invitation to everyone to be a part of Lincoln Center’s and the New York Philharmonic’s offerings.

On every level, the vibrancy of materials and color will be in concert with the level of performance found within the hall. Patrons will enjoy a vastly improved concert-going experience with additional concessions, restrooms and intimate spaces to gather.

Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects in collaboration with acoustician Paul Scarbrough of Akustiks and theater designer Joshua Dachs of Fisher Dachs Associates, the theater’s design is focused on ensuring superior acoustics and a revitalized, state-of-the-art home for the New York Philharmonic, its primary resident. Diamond Schmitt’s design for a curvilinear, unified hall will create a more welcoming and intimate audience experience with optimized sightlines. By reducing the number of seats by 500 for a total of 2200, and relocating the stage forward by 25 feet, the seating will wrap around the stage and bring the entire audience 30 percent closer to the performers, while also improving the acoustics.

In addition to its natural acoustics for symphonic, choral and recital performances, the design’s state-of-the-art flexibility will easily accommodate semi-staged opera, dance, film premieres, amplified pop and rock concerts and more, ensuring artistic vitality for a new generation of composers and performers.

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