Peridance Presents Performance Project with Lizz Picini

Peridance Presents Performance Project with Lizz Picini

Join Lizz Picini at the Peridance Studio in NYC for a 3-day performance and training program. The program begins on January 21 from 6:35-9:35 PM, continues on January 22 from 5-8 PM, and concludes on January 23 from 1-6 PM. Cost to attend is $280. Included in the program are theater and jazz technique classes; Q&A sessions about working in the industry as a performer, creative, educator, dance captain, and more; mock auditions with 1-on-1 feedback; and a final performance at the KnJ Theater, filmed for dancers’ personal use.

With over a decade of experience performing professionally, acting as an associate creative to a long list of top theatre choreographers and teaching her following of devout artists in her sold-out classes at Broadway Dance Center, Lizz’s mission is to fulfill each role leading with a foundation of passion, empathy and tenacity.

Lizz prioritizes her professional career as a performing artist. Most recently, Lizz served as Tony-nominee Denis Jones’ Associate Choreographer, Assistant Director, and Dance Captain, while playing Hunyak and covering Roxie Hart, in his production of Chicago. The extensive experience she has accumulated as a dancer, singer and actress lay the groundwork for her work behind the table and in the studio. Her work ethic, talent and leadership capabilities have afforded her many opportunities to provide a capable body, brilliant mind and intelligent soundboard as an associate choreographer to creative industry professionals.

With sold out classes at the world’s leading training ground for professional dancers, Broadway Dance Center, Lizz brings a unique experience and perspective to her students. She provides students with the reality of “all sides of the table.” They won’t solely learn technique, performance and sequencing, but learn what happens on the “casting side,” how to not take things personal, and the importance of passion, perseverance, tenacity and work ethic.

Apply by January 3rd to attend Peridance’s 3-day training program with Lizz Picini. Visit to learn more.