Should creatives fear AI? Dancers and writers collaborate in unique art experiment

Should creatives fear AI? Dancers and writers collaborate in unique art experiment

Creative writing community, Quill Kickers, and dance duo, AOmaon Collective, have announced a collaboration in which AI, words and dance will collide to explore the theme: “Should creatives fear AI?”

We are edging ever closer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) where machines are able to reason and perform at human or superhuman levels. But can AI ever supersede us in that most human endeavour – Creativity?

This concept will be brought to life through three elements:

Quill Kickers, the collaborative storytelling platform launched by award-winning writer, Natalie Fellowes in 2020. So far they have written 19 stories together, including a song (which reached no. 12 in the Irish Apple Music Charts) and a digital art piece with Modern Art Oxford.

For their next ’story’ they are working with AOmaon Collective, a French dance duo who recently won the Messums 4×20 Dance Festival and who will interpret the input from the Quill Kickers Community and AI through dance.

Chat GPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence engine, is the platform into which the ideas from the Quill Kickers community will be channelled. The output will inform AOmaon Collective’s choreography and the resulting story.

The story will unfold in three parts over three weeks in the usual Quill Kickers cycle. To begin, Quill Kickers will set the question ‘should creatives fear AI?’ on Instagram, inviting the community to share their thoughts and feelings on it. These ideas are then submitted to Chat GPT, which will be asked to elaborate further.

The AI-generated output will be interpreted by the AOmaon Collective in dance. This dance will be filmed and published online by the end of the first week.

As with all good stories this first ‘chapter’ ends on a cliffhanger which will be posted on Instagram as a question and the cycle continues a further two times.

In addition to this content being published online throughout this first of its kind creative experiment, a film made up of the three parts will be submitted to the international short film circuit.

Visit and to learn more.

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