Steps Performance Lab Series stages 12 works

Steps Performance Lab Series February 21 2016The Steps Beyond Foundation is a facet of New York’s renowned Steps on Broadway that focuses on community engagement, dance scholarships, the Steps Repertory Ensemble, and presenting performance and special events. The Foundation recently announced the next presentation in its Performance Lab Series, a showcase open to artists from all genres including dance, music, theater, performance art and multidisciplinary works.


The performance will be this Sunday, February 21 at 7:30 pm at Steps Studio Theater, located on the third floor at 2121 Broadway. Steps continues to provide a safe and friendly environment for experimentation for both emerging and established choreographers. Each Performance Lab concludes with feedback and questions from the audience, followed by a reception.


See a list of choreographers and their works set to be presented as part of this program below. For more information, visit Tickets are $15 and can be reserved online or at the door on the night of the performance.


Mike Esperanza – Chiroptera

Set to a musical collage, Chiroptera looks at the behavior of bats, those nocturnal creatures, often leading solitary lives, which use sonar to find their food and prey.


Omar Roman DeJesus – Insanus

A ridiculous story about two crazy people in love. Dejesus relishes taking a simple concept and offering a different take on it.


Jon Ole Olstad – Sorry, Did I Wake You?

A solo with a variety of moods and how those different moods affect the physicality of the dancer.


Victorio Korjhan – Beyond the Barriers of Time

The Flamenco dancer/choreographer presents a duet about the nature of time and an older man’s yearning to return to the past.


Mark Casserta – Nous

The piece was created during a time when the choreographer was struggling with communication in an important relationship, and was keenly aware of the barriers we sometimes place in our paths.


Caterina Rago – Maze

A disorienting journey that leads within – a complex path that never seems to end.


Kyle Mullins – untitled

The Steps Repertory Ensemble alumnus will perform a solo created as part of his studies as an MFA candidate in the dance program at Tisch School of the Arts.


Angel Kaba – Habit

The choreographer uses hip-hop and contemporary dance to relate habits and rituals that are part of our daily life.


Robert Moore – Being

The current member of Steps Repertory Ensemble is inspired by someone who has become a messenger of hope after experiencing a long personal journey.


Megan Roe – Spoiled Milk

A student at Steps, Roe expresses the opinion that relationships are like swimming in one has to keep paddling and stay afloat to have a good outcome.


Steps Repertory Ensemble – Scenes and Valse 

The dynamic company will perform works by Artistic Director Bradley Shelver and choreographer Sidra Bell. An excerpt of Scenes by Shelver features three men exploring the use of space and musicality, as inspired by the score of Michael Gallasso. An excerpt of Valse by Bell will be en pointe for the first time.


For more information on the Steps Beyond Foundation, visit