<strong>STREB Announces Auction and Additional Event Details for 2023 Action Maverick Award Benefit </strong>

STREB Announces Auction and Additional Event Details for 2023 Action Maverick Award Benefit 

STREB, the company known for its choreographed feats of physicality, scientifically planned chaos, strength, risk, grace, and elegance, founded by MacArthur Fellow Elizabeth Streb, will honor legendary model and actress Lauren Hutton at their 2023 Action Maverick Award Benefit. The event will be held at the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM), in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Wednesday, May 3, 2022 at 7 pm. 

The Action Maverick Award Benefit celebrates individuals who inspire STREB; it serves as the organization’s signature fundraising event to support Elizabeth Streb’s design and invention of new machines which allow her and our Action Heroes to explore and discover new movement territories; STREB’s educational partnerships and community engagement programs that inspire and empower the Action Heroes and leaders of tomorrow; and the scholarship and ticket subsidy programs which support the organization’s access to all.  

This year’s honoree, Lauren Hutton, has pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo throughout her decades-long career. Lauren gained mass notoriety in 1973 when she invented and negotiated the first ever million-dollar exclusive talent contract in modeling history, with Revlon cosmetics. This revolutionary deal transformed modeling from a business to an industry. She has featured on a record number 27 American Vogue covers and 14 European and Latin American Vogue covers throughout her storied career. Her impact far outreaches the fashion industry. With her unbridled energy, grace, and poise, she continues to inspire new generations. Lauren’s unwavering determination, her refusal to conform to societal expectations, and her dedication to her craft make her the perfect recipient of this year’s award. STREB is honored to celebrate Lauren Hutton. 

Hosted by citizen comic Kate Clinton, the benefit will feature a sit down dinner, a conversation with Elizabeth Streb and Lauren Hutton, and remarks by the evening’s Chair and Lauren’s goddaughter, Nina Clemente. Born in Italy and raised in New York City, Nina Clemente realized the possibilities of transforming local ingredients into Southern Italian feasts by watching her mother make traditional, delicious, and seasonal cuisine.  These childhood experiences inspired her to make food her career.  Today, Nina strives to bridge both cultures from her childhood by applying all her senses to preparing delicious food, and reveling in the memorable gatherings that her food inspires.  She cooks meals that are clean, colorful, and vibrant on the palate — food that nourishes heart, body and soul. 

A live and silent auction will accompany the event. Items include dinner and conversation with Action Architect, Elizabeth Streb, and Journalist, Laura Flanders; tickets and membership packages to New York’s renowned Cultural Institutions including Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Center; a Williamsburg Getaway package; as well as other unique items and experiences. Online auction is powered by GiveButter. Bidding is open to the public now through Tuesday, May 8, 5 pm. A link to preview the auction items can be found at: www.streb.org/benefit

STREB EXTREME ACTION will perform an excerpt of ASCENSION, a gleaming aluminum 21-foot turning ladder, inspired by the essential, quotidian fire escape and the myth of Sisyphus. Eight dancers inhabit and negotiate the spinning rungs with nerve and split second timing as their own gravity propels the rungs ever faster creating moments of hard-won, graceful beauty. The mission for the dancers: Never Let Go! Commissioned by Fall For Dance Festival 2016.

Event sponsorships and individual tickets are available on STREB’s website at www.streb.org/benefit.