The 2022 American Dance Guild Online Film Festival

The 2022 American Dance Guild Online Film Festival

New Dance Group: Voices for Change, a virtual presentation of 18 rare historic dances, will be offered by the American Dance Guild in four consecutive streaming programs over four weeks, Monday, January 31 through Sunday, Feb. 27. Artists to be included are Jane Dudley, Jean Erdman, Donald McKayle, Anna Sokolow and more. This historical gem will be available to stream on Vimeo and through the ADG website. The showings are free, with donations welcome.

The four-week program will feature works made by artists of the legendary New Dance Group Studio, as produced and recorded by the Guild at The New Dance Group Gala Retrospective Performance on July 11, 1993. New Dance Group was a modern dance collective, inspired by the political movements which seized Manhattan in the early 1930s. Viewers will discover the powerful social consciousness embodied in these uniquely expressive works, which ring as true today as when they were first performed. Educators are invited to share this important dance history in their curricula.

“The American Dance Guild continues to mine its exclusive archive of rare historical dances and are thrilled to share this unique portfolio of legendary work,” said Gloria McLean, president of the Guild. “…I think people today will be inspired by the courage and engaged vision of these fearless artists, ”she said.

Week one’s lineup, running January 31-February 6, includes: Songs, part III “To Each His Own” (1956) by Mary Anthony, Tenant of the Street(1939) by Eve Gentry, Blues (1962) by Ronne Aul, and Mourner’s Bench from “Southern Landscape” (1947) by Talley Beatty.

Week two’s lineup, February 7-13, includes: The Desperate Heart (1942) by Valerie Bettis, Lynchtown from “Atavisms” (1936) by Charles Weidman, The Negro Speaks of Rivers (1944) by Pearl Primus, and The Flight, from “The Pursued” (1947) by Joseph Gifford.  

Week three, running February 14-20, includes: Shuvi Nafshi, from “Return Oh My Soul Unto Thee” (1947) by Hadassah, Time is Money (1934) by Jane Dudley, Harmonica Break Down (1934) by Jane Dudley, Sign Dance for Sarah (1979) by Irving Burton, and Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder (1959) by Donald McKayle.

The fourth and final week, February 21-27, includes: The Transformations of Medusa (1942) Jean Erdman, Lyric Suite (1954) by Anna Sokolow, Strange Hero (1948) by Daniel Nagrin, Concerto in E (1979) by Joyce Trisler, and Folksay (1942) by Sophie Maslow. Each segment will run for one week only, from Monday 9 a.m. through Sunday midnight ET.

To view the American Dance Guild Online Film Festival on the above dates, visit or

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