The World will Stop to Dance on March 18

Dance Anywhere March 2016Dance Anywhere is a simultaneous worldwide public art performance in which people from around the world, of all ages and artistic capacities, will stop on Friday, March 18, 2016 at noon Pacific Time and dance. This will be at 3pm in NYC, 4pm in Buenos Aires, 8pm in Rome and Paris, 9pm in Cairo, 10pm in Moscow, 8am in Auckland and 6am in Sydney. Click here to confirm the time of your performance.


This is a participatory, interactive, DIY public art project. Dance Anywhere merely tells you when to dance but you choose where and with whom. Everyone is invited to participate! The magic happens because anyone, anywhere in the world can jump in and be a part of Dance Anywhere – a combination of public art and community activism.


Every year the organization synchronizes its calendars and watches and simultaneously spreads dancing images into every corner of the community landscapes across the globe. Dancers, students, seniors, artists, businessmen and dreamers alike put aside their daily grind and unleash their moving creativity in museums, parks, sidewalks, office buildings, bedrooms, anywhere their dancing bodies will fit. Each year thousands of people from Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Estonia and around the world participate.


Now more than ever, it’s important to put aside our differences and find common ground to share. Dance Anywhere creates inspiring experiences that celebrate our communities and foster a culture of collaboration. 


Performer and visual artist Beth Fein created Dance Anywhere in 2005 to: build community by engaging people worldwide in a simultaneous performance; to reconsider the definition of art, public space and community; to make art accessible to more people; to inspire creativity; and to change perspectives through community art experiences.


Now more than a decade later, participants of Dance Anywhere have included professional dancers, plumbers, doctors, soccer players, teachers and politicians. Some dances are choreographed, some are improvised and some stretch the definition of what dance is. Visit for further information.


Photo by Weidong Yang.