Who will be in the SYTYCD Top 20?

So You Think You Can Dance AuditionBy Stephanie Wolf


This week is the moment of truth for the 35 dancers who survived all eight rounds of Vegas Week, proving they have what it takes to be “America’s Favorite Dancer”. On Wednesday, each dancer will take the long walk down the ‘green mile’ to receive his or her SYTYCD fate. Only 20 of them can continue on to the live shows. Who will it be?




Warning: the following information contains spoilers about who may end up in Season 9’s Top 20 roster. Please discontinue reading if you want to remain in total suspense.


BuddyTV conducted some serious sleuth work via Twitter and came up with a speculative list for Season 9’s Top 20 dancers. Each of the dancers came up in a search with the handle name @Dance9[dancer’s name]; this mimics the official Twitter feeds of Top 20 dancers in past seasons. The results aren’t perfect—it sites 21 names and has too many female picks—but here’s what they reported:


The Top Ladies:


Jasmine Mason



Kaitlynn Edgar

Contemporary (didn’t get any face time during the auditions or Vegas)


Alexa Anderson


Alexa walked the green mile last season. Hopefully, this time she’ll go all the way.


Tiffany Maher

Contemporary (didn’t get any face time during the auditions or Vegas)


Amelia Lowe


This 1920s glamor girl brought the judges to tears with her solo in Vegas.


Audrey Case



Whitney Carson


One half of Salt Lake City’s hot to trot “Team Ballroom”


Lindsay Arnold


Whitney’s other ballroom  half


Abigail Ruz



Eliana Girard


…and an aerial pole dancer.


Meghan Branch



Janelle Issis

Belly Dancing


Amber Jackson

Contemporary (not featured in audition or Vegas footage)


The Top Men:


Daniel Baker



Joshua Alexander



George Lawrence II



Will Thomas

Contemporary/Jazz (not featured in the auditions or Vegas week)


Danny Kermidas


Chehon Wespi-Tschopp



Cole Horibe

Contemporary with a Martial Arts edge


Cyrus ‘Glitch’ Spencer

Hip Hop

Despite no formal training, this endearing young gent proved himself in Vegas Week.


It looks like it’s going to be another contemporary heavy year, sprinkled with some ballroom, ballet (which is represented more than it’s ever been on the show) hip hop, and, potentially, the show’s first belly dancer to ever make it to the live shows.


Additionally, Zap2It reports New Girl star Zoey Deschanel as the first guest judge of the season. FOX confirmed Deschanel’s presence on this week’s panel, helping deliver the news to the 35 anxious dancers.


Tune in on Wednesday 8pm EST to find out if our predictions are ‘en pointe.’


Sources: BuddyTV, Twitter, Zap2It


Photo: A contestant shows off her moves at the New York City auditions for the Season Nine premiere of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Jeff Neira/FOX

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