Why Laurieann Gibson said Goodbye to Lady Gaga

Posted on: 3/27/2012 3:40PM

Celebrity choreographer Laurieann Gibson, famous for her work as Creative Director for Lady Gaga has chosen to cease working with the music star, in a controversial move. Laurieann who is now joining the judging panel of “Canada Sings” said in a television interview with Entertainment Tonight , “No judgment, but it just got a little dark for me creatively. Like with any collaboration, when she got some ideas and wanted to grow in a different direction I was like ‘you know what, go ahead’. I think it just reached a point where I wanted to keep the brand that I had helped build a little pure and still accessing the kids. It was fun for me but it gets difficult when it gets a little dark and heavy.”


Photo: Courtesy of The Pulse On Tour, where Laurieann Gibson is a faculty member.



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