Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre presents Borderless

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre presents Borderless

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre presents Borderless on Friday & Saturday, June 28 & 29 at 8:00pm at Draylen Mason Music Studio at KMFA Classical 89.5 41 Navasota St.

The performances create a “borderless” space for audiences to experience a rich collection of stories and experiences expressed through dance theatre and live music centered around these questions: What connects us and what disconnects as humans across ethnicities and cultures? Each of the artistic partners have created new works around these inquiries with their ensembles (and other artists) that are woven together through choreography and music created in a collaborative process with artistic direction by Andrea Ariel.

The artistic partners featured in the project include Anuradha Naimpally (Austin Dance India), Luis Ordaz Gutiérrez (Proyecto Teatro), Jun “Sunny” Shen (Shen Jun Movement Effect), and Ciceley Fullylove (Independent dancer, choreographer and singer) and musicians/composers Frederico7, Claude McCan, Bruno Vinezof, Alán Uribe (members of Frederico7 y Los Primes and several other bands) and Rey Arteaga (Son y No Son). The project explores new experimentations within a collaborative creative process with a focus on multicultural expression and promises to bring a vibrant and inspiring experience to audiences.

The dances bring together common threads of traditions that bridge our past and present, passed down through ritual, food, customs, and music; the community and shared joy experienced on a dancefloor through the anticipation of the beat and the collective groove; and the meaning of home, rebellion, and longing for freedom amidst family obligations, delving into the exploration of tradition versus modernity.

The performances will also include moments of live composition conducted by Andrea Ariel. Soundpainting is a unique sign language used to sculpt a composition in real time with improvising performers. Live composing adds mystery, increases anticipation and elevates excitement in performances in many different contexts.

Tickets for Borderless are $20-$35 with discounts available for Seniors, Students, and Artists. Click here to book now.

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre Borderless, Image credit Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre