BALAM Dance Theatre to Present 'Celebrating Hispanic Culture with Dance and Song'

BALAM Dance Theatre to Present ‘Celebrating Hispanic Culture with Dance and Song’

BALAM Dance Theatre (BALAM) brings its captivating, joyful cross-cultural new program, Celebración de la Cultura Hispana con Baile y Canción / Celebrating Hispanic Culture with Dance and Song, to the Hempstead Public Library, on Saturday, October 7 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The library is located at 115 James A Garner Way in Hempstead, New York 11550.  The program is free and open to the public.  For information, contact the library at (516) 481-6990.

BALAM Dance Theatre, a nonprofit professional dance company based in New York City, will debut the new program in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The program features El Barreño, a charming folkloric dance from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, added this year to BALAM’s repertoire.  The program stars entertainer, emcee and comedian extraordinaire — Inma Heredia — singing, dancing, and introducing the performance’s diverse works.  The cast of dancers performing includes Robin Gilbert, Yumiko Niimi, Barbara Romero, and Carlos Fittante.

The program, subject to change, will also present these pieces: Francisco Alegre, a sung Pasodoble; Peruvian Dances of the 18th Century — Huicho (Bird Dance), Chimo (Handkerchief Dance) and Lanchas (Harvest Duet); “Quizas”, a popular song by Cuban songwriter Osvaldo Farrés; El Vito, performed with cape, castanets, and song; Panaderos de la Flamenca with castanets; Sevillanas Boleras, a duet with castanents; “Celebra la Vida” song; and Fantasia de Amor, a Salsa dance.

Celebración de la Cultura Hispana con Baile y Canción (Celebrating Hispanic Culture with Dance and Song) honors the vibrant, distinctive beauty of Hispanic dance and music.  This year, BALAM Dance Theatre is delighted to add to its repertoire a charming Central American folkloric dance, El Barreño.  Set as a duet for two women, this dance features gorgeous displays of skirt work,” said Carlos Fittante, artistic director and president of BALAM Dance Theatre.

Founded in 1979 by choreographer and movement researcher, Islene Pinder, BALAM Dance Theatre offers a new vision of contemporary dance rooted in the dazzling opulence and magical aura of Balinese theatre. The company educates the community about dances and cultures featured in its repertoire.  Through its Out & About Series, free and affordable performances, workshops and creative events at the grassroots level are made available for families, children, students and community residents. 

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