DFC fundraises to end water crisis

Dance for ChangeDance for Change, an organization on a mission to give dancers a platform to help people around the world, is currently working with the nonprofit charity: water to raise $5,000 that will provide access to clean drinking water in Africa.


“Imagine if you had no clean water. Imagine walking hours to the nearest river to collect water for your family – water that’s not even clean. Imagine giving that water to your kids,” DFC says on their campaign website. “While this might seem unimaginable to us, it’s a reality for 800 million people in developing countries.”


Dance For Change fully believes in using dance as its tool to help people and to bring awareness to the issues of the world. Through the financial support gathered by their project with charity: water, DFC will directly aid water project costs, and in turn, help fund long-lasting clean water solutions for people in need.


To see the DFC video, click here. To donate, click here. DFC hopes that everyone that watches the video will give $1 and then share the video with 20 people.


Thus far, over $1,000 has been raised, which provides more than 50 people clean drinking water. The campaign closes on Tuesday, May 28. For more information or to ask questions, email DFC at info@dfc.org.


Photo courtesy of Dance For Change.