Eco-Arts Activism Summer Intensive Training by Artichoke Dance Company

Eco-Arts Activism Summer Intensive Training by Artichoke Dance Company

Artichoke Dance Company announces the second annual Artichoke Ambassadors Eco Arts Summer Intensive, an eco-arts activism program designed to aid artists in leveraging their art making toward countering climate change and strengthening community resiliency. The intensive will be held at the Mercury Store Theatre Complex in Gowanus, Brooklyn from July 15-19, 10:30am-5:30pm daily, and will feature immersion in creative practices, eco-art approaches, climate activism, collaboration with peers, and mentorship in merging arts and activism. The program is open to artists working in any artistic medium. 

Artichoke Dance Company Director, Lynn Neuman, created the Artichoke Ambassadors program with the goal of inspiring and equipping artists with skill sets to use their artistic practices as a method for enacting change, with a focus on the climate crisis and environmental degradation. First offered in the fall of 2022 as an online program, the Ambassador eco-arts activism training has been offered 3 times annually, twice per year in an online format and as a week-long intensive in the summer, engaging eco-artists and activists from all over the globe working in theater, film, visual art, dance, music, performance art, drag and fashion. 

“We started this program because people asked for it,” states Neuman. “I had gotten enough inquiries from other artists about how to go about the work that I’ve been engaged in for over a decade and I thought, there’s a need here to be filled. It’s been inspiring for me because I’ve met so many artists that want to make the world a better place through their art, and we’re creating a growing network of support for it.” 

The first in-person Artichoke Ambassadors eco arts intensive was held last summer, where a cohort of artists engaged with environmental justice principles, participated in embodied explorations of climate-related issues, and collaboratively designed eco arts projects. Upon completion of the intensive, the Ambassadors left with their own plans for executing self-designed eco arts projects, a deeper understanding of environmental justice and how it plays out in real life, and a profound sense of community and support with their Artichoke Ambassador peers. Manuel Lopez, a 2023 Artichoke Ambassador intensive participant shared, “Something I didn’t expect was to feel so equipped and encouraged to create change and organize people around climate.” 

The 2024 Artichoke Ambassadors eco arts summer intensive will feature an impressive list of guest speakers including climate activists, ecoartist, and scientists actively working in the field and a new cohort of artists collaboratively creating their own arts and activism projects.

The program cost is $650 and applications are due June 21, 2024 at 11:59pm ET. The application and more information can be found at 

For more information regarding Artichoke Ambassadors, please contact Lindsey Jennings or 217-242-3547.

Eco Arts Summer Intensive with Artichoke Dance, Image credit Artichoke Dance