Lake Tahoe Dance Collective Presents Eleventh Annual Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Lake Tahoe Dance Collective Presents Eleventh Annual Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Lake Tahoe Dance Collective (LTDC) presents the eleventh annual Lake Tahoe Dance Festival, which will take place this summer from July 26-29, 2023 at venues in Tahoe City and Truckee, CA.

This summer, the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival includes works by Lar Lubovitch, Natasha Adorlee, Liz Gerritt, Claudia Schreier, Holly Curran, and Marco Pelle.

The festival begins on Wednesday, July 26 at 5:30 PM with the Eleventh Anniversary Gala Opening Night Celebration, where audiences will enjoy a silent auction with food and wine, and a very special presentation by Sage Romero founder of the AkaMya Culture Group, in the indigenous hoop dance. The festival’s Main Stage Performances continue on July 27 at 6PM in Tahoe City and on July 28 at 5:30PM at Incline Village, and on July 29 at 6PM on West End Beach, Truckee, CA.

LTDC celebrates its 11th year of presenting the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival. The festival has presented over 35 works with more than 35 guest artists and 75 local dancers since its beginnings in 2013. The Festival program comprises a variety of dance styles, pairing seminal works from the past with the newest work being created today.

“When we founded the festival, we felt strongly about programming performances in a way that would be universally accessible,” explained Christin Hanna, who founded LTDC in 2008 and the Festival in 2013 with longtime friend and collaborator Constantine Baecher, “and by showing an evening where each work is dramatically different from the next helps to educate new audiences as well as provide a treat to dance fans.”

To Each in His Own Time” was created on Adrian Danchig-Waring and Joseph Gordon for City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival in 2021 by Lar Lubovitch. Gia Kourlas of the New York Times called the work intimate, luminous, and sophisticated.

Pow·er (noun): The ability to control people or things. Pow·er (verb): To move or move something very quickly and with great power in a particular direction. Laytana, a contemporary solo dance work, investigates what it takes to harness our internal power both as a construct and as a method to navigate the changing landscape of our world. Set to the music of Le Trio Joubran, it is a raw and vibrant journey within. Laytana is choreographed by Natasha Adorlee and performed by Kyle Limin.

DUET is a commission for The Ashley Bouder Project in 2017, here returning in a new incarnation with the ballerina Ashley Bouder partnering with modern dancer Kristina Berger in this post-modern pas de deux. Interpolating the ballet vocabulary into her long developed contemporary practice, Gerring explores the dramatic tension and dynamism of individuality versus duality, working to a commissioned score from award-winning composer Anna Webber.

Lost Keys breaks with tradition and the usual expectations of ballet. The woman, instead of rising lightly into a lift, giving the appearance of weightlessness, adopts a dead weight and stares her partner down from above. The man swings his partner by her arms like a little child, and sometimes holds her in a broken pose. Schreier seeks to create architecture on stage and to pursue emotion through architecture. Lost Keys is choreographed by Lia Cirio and performed by Paul Craig and Claudia Schreier.

Enjoy a newly commissioned work by Amber Neff, inspired by sculpture of the early 20th century, the movement and gestural specificity found in pieces like Harriet Whitney Frishmuth and The Vine. The works of visual art are not only directly in the choreography but also serve as catalysts for new choreographies, elevating these sculptures from a literal to a more abstract and conceptual place. The piece is composed in tandem with music by Doori Na and performed by Dwayne Brown and Holly Curran.

Safe From Sleep is the choreographer Stephen Hanna’s look on his own emotional journey. “From the moment of love’s bliss, to the end of my own dream to finding myself, my voice and who I really am again, once and for all. And even if a love like that won’t cross my path again, that’s ok.” It is performed by Marco Pelle.

The Young Dancers Workshop,a three-week intensive from July 11-29, 2022 for dancers ages 10 and up, offers training with festival artists in small class sizes with an emphasis on classical ballet, modern technique and improvisation. Dancers learn a repertory work that is performed in the festival.

Tickets start at $25 and are available online. For more information about the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival, visit: