Miami International Ballet Competition Announces Departure of Mr. Yanis Pikieris

Miami International Ballet Competition Announces Departure of Mr. Yanis Pikieris

The Miami International Ballet Competition (MIBC) announces with mixed emotions the departure of Mr. Yanis Pikieris from his role of Co-Artistic Director within the organization. Mr. Pikieris, respected for his dedication and contributions to the MIBC, will be pursuing new endeavors for both artistic and personal growth, which will demand more of his time.

Mr. Pikieris, a cornerstone of MIBC’s success, has expressed his intention to focus on developing local and international artistic projects, which he feels passionately about and require a significant commitment of his time and energy. Despite his departure from his current role, Mr. Pikieris maintains a strong bond with Maestro Vladimir Issaev and the MIBC, continuing his involvement as a consultant for the organization.

Expressing his gratitude and fondness for his time with MIBC, Mr. Pikieris states, “It has been an incredible journey working with the Miami International Ballet Competition. I leave with cherished memories and enduring friendships. I wish nothing but the best for MIBC and its future activities.”

In response to Mr. Pikieris’s departure, Maestro Vladimir Issaev and the entire staff at MIBC extend their heartfelt appreciation for his invaluable contributions. Maestro Vladimir expresses, “Yanis has been an integral part of MIBC’s success, and his passion for the arts has left an indelible mark on our organization. Although we will dearly miss his direct participation in MIBC, we strongly support his decision to explore new horizons. We are happy to continue a wonderful friendship and collaboration in different artistic aspects, and we support him in everything that promotes the dance community, to which we both belong.”

In light of this transition, MIBC takes this opportunity to announce the dates for the 8th edition of the Miami International Ballet Competition. Scheduled to take place from January 22nd to the 26th 2025, the event will once again showcase exceptional talent at the Littman Theater in North Miami Beach.

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Mr Vladimir Issaev and Mr Yanis Pikieris, Photo credit Miami International Ballet Competition