“My Daddy Can Fly!” Children’s Book by ABT Principal Dancer

“My Daddy Can Fly!” Children’s Book by ABT Principal Dancer

To Ben, his father is more than just a dancer—he can fly! Written by American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Thomas Forster and Shari Siadat, My Daddy Can Fly! (Part of the Random House Studios American Ballet Series collection) is a charming picture book about a young boy who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer—just like his daddy!

The story begins as Ben and his friends are playing in their favorite part of the classroom—the dress-up corner. They are talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Rachel wants to be a tae kwon do master, Dixie wants to be a doctor just like her auntie, and John wants to be a teacher just like their teacher, Mr. Underwood. But when Ben says he wants to fly just like his Dad, his friends are sure his father must be a pilot.

Ben tells his friends that they aren’t even close, and he offers a few more clues. Ben says his daddy is strong, gentle, fierce, and fast. His friends have lots of guesses, but no one solves the mystery until Ben gives them the biggest clue of all.

With vibrant illustrations by Jami Gigot, My Daddy Can Fly! will captivate young readers and dance lovers alike! Booklist raves, “A wholly positive picture book about a boy’s ambition to become a ballet dancer.”

Available for purchase, just in time for the holiday season, visit https://www.rhcbooks.com/books/639423/my-daddy-can-fly-american-ballet-theatre-by-thomas-forster-with-shari-siadat-illustrated-by-jami-gigot to learn more!