New Dance Alliance Presents Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours

Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours is a reimagined stay-at-home festival featuring 30 artists May 4 through May 31, 2020. While the live weeklong festival of experimental dance and performance has been canceled, New Dance Alliance (NDA) will honor the festival artistst during this monthlong digital initiative by spotlighting a different artist each day on its website and social media platforms. Artists will have creative control over their biography pages, allowing them to upload and present work in all artistic mediums (photos, videos, livestreams, crafts, etc.).


New Dance Alliance is committed to supporting and promoting the work of festival artists during this challenging time. Artists will receive an honorarium for the Remotely Yours project and when it becomes safe to return to in-person rehearsals, NDA will provide each artist with complimentary rehearsal space, per their contract. In addition, Remotely Yours artists will be given priority for NDA’s next LiftOff Creative and Project Development Residency. This opportunity offers nine artists 40 hours of rehearsal space, creative development, and feedback sessions. The LiftOff artists will also be invited to present their work in the Performance Mix 35th Anniversary Festival in June 2021.


Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours Lineup

Week One

May 4: NOT for reTALE | Emily Smith

May 5: Maya Orchin

May 6: Marion Spencer

May 7: Juli Brandano

May 8: Nate Yaffe

May 9 Nami Yamamoto

May 10: Emily LaRochelle & Sarazina Joy Stein


Week Two

May 11: Birgit Larson

May 12: Racoco

May 13: Julia Antinozzi

May 14: Kameron Chatman

May 15: Annie Heath


May 17: Remi Harris + Mark Schmidt


Week Three

May 18: Degenerate Art Ensemble

May 19: MAYDAY

May 20: Diana Crum and Dancers

May 21: Bob Eisen

May 22: Cynthia McLaughlin and Company

May 23: Hanna Satterlee

May 24: Camilo Godoy


Week Four

May 25: Anh Vo

May 26: Karen Bernard

May 27: Tanja London alias qualia-c

May 28: Liberty Styles & Friends

May 29: Sarah Toumani Dance Co.

May 30: Krista DeNio and Debra Disbrow

May 31: Kyla Kegler


Schedule subject to change. Check website for updates.

Remotely Yours promo video


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