New Year’s Training Camp with Francisco Gella Dance

New Year’s Training Camp with Francisco Gella Dance

Francisco Gella Dance will present a three-day New Year’s Training Camp in Pasadena, California from December 28-30, 2021. This is a high powered intensive for a high-achieving 2022, and includes an audition for summer programs and scholarships. Classes will consist of “Bootcamp” style training with supportive faculty, that pushes the physical, technical, and artistic capacities of each individual participant.

Frequently called a ‘breath of fresh air’ by students, parents, teachers and directors alike, every one of Francisco Gella’s programs delivers on a central commitment: To transform hardworking young adults into remarkable young artists regardless of body type or background, and instilling a belief in them that anything is possible with hard work, a sense of purpose, and a willingness to take risks.

Highly acclaimed dance educator and choreographer, Francisco Gella has introduced his revolutionary dance training technique and philosophy to hundreds of dancers around the world through private instruction and master classes. With New Year’s Training Camp, and the expert guidance of the program’s artistic directors Francisco and veteran dance educator Julie Friedrich, preprofessional dancers from 10 years old to college-age have an opportunity to spend a challenging and fun-filled intensive in beautiful Pasadena.

This rigorous, holistic program is structured to accelerate your training as a dancer, inspire you to go much further in your journey during the year ahead, and want more for your future. The technique-based program will focus on strengthening the body, mind, and spirit with a structured curriculum that will build on skills each day, resulting in opportunities to demonstrate your detailed artistry before the three days are complete.

Classes include a strong foundation in ballet, modern and jazz techniques, along with complemented by Contemporary Movement, Theatre Dance (Broadway), Improvisational techniques, Yoga, and workshops focusing on auditions and college dance/careers in dance.

Along with the exceptional training and mentorship you’ll receive, there are audition and scholarship opportunities! New Year’s Training Camp is a designated audition location for the Zeitgeist Dance Theatre Trainee Program, as well as scholarship awards for Francisco Gella’s Ballet+ (beyond technique) intensive in Miami and the New Century Dance Project Choreographic and Performance Workshop. All of these programs will be held between June and August 2022. 

There’s nothing extra you need to do when enrolling in NYTC and there is no extra cost if you’d like to audition. Staff will reach out to everyone who has enrolled before the program begins to find out if you’d like to register for the audition.

Cost to attend New Year’s Training Camp is $625. All activities will take place at Pasadena Dance Theatre. For further information, visit or email