<strong>Peter Stathas Dance Presents "There's More To Do" </strong>

Peter Stathas Dance Presents “There’s More To Do” 

Peter Stathas Dance presents There’s More To Do, their first live presentations in New York City since February 2020. The performances will be held at the Mark Morris Dance Center, Duffy Studios, 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, on January 27 and 28, 2023 at 7:30pm. The program will feature five works from Peter Stathas Dance’s repertoire. Tickets are $25 general admission, $20 Seniors, $15 Student/Artist, and are available here.

There’s More To Do is a collection of works about people – the situations they have created for themselves, the decisions they are confronted with, and where the expression of their humanity takes them. The company will present four new works: a series of solos, duets, and a full company piece created throughout 2022. These were brought to full fruition at The Barn Project 2 residency in Elkhorn, WI this past September.

I encourage my artists to find freedom in the ability to access their characters through their own personality and experiences,” said Peter Stathas. “There’s always more to do, say, and experience both in life and in dance, and this is only the beginning of our collective journey into these worlds. Join us for an evening of love and humanity – it is a privilege to be back sharing space with you all!”

The program will be as follows:

There’s More To Do (2022), A solo created with Lauren Twomley throughout 2022, this piece is an exploration of the essence of what makes us who we are. It is about looking deep within ourselves to process our past and present, a cathartic release of the scores our bodies keep, and the first step into navigating the future. 

Conundrum (2018) – excerpt, Conundrum has been and continues to be everything the name suggests. The spacial limitations and restrictions that this dance places upon the dancer represents the perceptions we have of one another that are mostly unfounded. This piece in its entirety is for four women. As the piece progresses, the dancers accumulate one by one, going on a journey of breaking barriers, supporting one another, and discovering the joy that comes from embodying their power..

Kathedra (2022), A duet dedicated to the friendship and dancing partnership between Lauren Twomley and Ty Graynor, this piece explores and engages the physical and emotional places their relationship brings them. They navigate the internal and external forces that unify and separate them, melding their spirits into one while keeping the integrity of their individual selves. 

Sonic (2022), A duet for Paulina Meneses and Mariah Gravelin with a driving force in speed and tempo exchanged between the two; one that conjures up a new and fast friendship.

In The Garden (2022), In The Garden is the exploration of our life cycle. It dwells on the questions we ask ourselves as we move through this continuum. It immerses us in the natural, authentic aspects of our creative growth.

Peter Stathas Dance was created to give dancers a forum to unleash their creativity and individuality through a collaborative process with the choreographer to generate innovative movement. As part of valuing the whole artist, Peter Stathas Dance is committed to ensuring dancers are able to practice and perform their craft while earning a living wage. www.peterstathasdance.com