Porsche x New York City Ballet: Beauty, power, and dreams intersect at street level

Porsche x New York City Ballet: Beauty, power, and dreams intersect at street level

Porsche Cars North America, Inc., (PCNA) and New York City Ballet (NYCB) have announced the release of several short films that take the dream of being part of one of the foremost dance companies in the world to a new stage. Set around the premise of “the open road,” and filmed in New York City, the films set the scene, illustrating that dreams truly know no boundaries. 

Featuring original movement created specifically for Porsche, the film is co-choreographed by NYCB Principal Dancer, Peter Walker, and Soloist, Emily Kikta, and performed by NYCB dancers, Olivia Boisson, Anthony Huxley, Alexa Maxwell, Andrew Veyette, Sebastian Villarini-Velez, and Emma Von Enck. In designing the films’ movement, Walker and Kikta took choreographic inspiration from the body and shape of the luxury automaker’s first all-electric vehicle, the Porsche Taycan.  

Additional film content offers a look behind the scenes, with extended interviews about the making of the film, how the Taycan provided choreographic inspiration, and how the artists approached developing the work creatively and technically. The interviews also reveal the brands’ shared commitment to honoring their respective histories while bringing them into the future through innovation that pushes the limit. As both brands prepare to celebrate their 75th anniversaries in 2023, the collaboration between PCNA and NYCB will extend beyond this special film, with client engagement programming continuing throughout 2022 and 2023.

NYCB and Porsche are a natural fit, with both brands authentically embodying their driven spirit and artistic values, in addition to their commitment to precision, performance, and excellence. “Our cars are designed to dance, in their own way,” said Ayesha Coker, Vice President of Marketing for PCNA. “So much care goes into their creation, and every movement they make is deliberate – it has to feel and move like a Porsche. The outcome is something beautiful and life-affirming – similar to the thoughtful work of the ballet. We’re honored to collaborate with New York City Ballet to celebrate the magic and extraordinary talent that goes into taking to the stage.”

“We wanted to create an experience… to inspire,” noted NYCB Principal Dancer and film co-choreographer Peter Walker. “There are a lot of parallels between Porsche and the New York City Ballet… There’s a lot of power and also a lot of elegance in that power. But it doesn’t have to prove itself. It’s quite subtle and restrained.”

The short films will be featured on the Porsche Content HubTwitter and Porsche Cars North America’s digital network, including its dealerships and headquarters in Atlanta, GA.