St. Louis Rises as a New Hub for Global Dance Innovation

St. Louis Rises as a New Hub for Global Dance Innovation

The Big Muddy Dance Company has revealed an inspiring new identity as Saint Louis Dance Theatre. The bold rebranding underscores the company’s commitment to representing the pioneering spirit and rich artistic tapestry of St. Louis through trailblazing dance experiences.

“For too long, St. Louis’s dynamic cultural heritage has remained in the shadows of other major cities. With Saint Louis Dance Theatre, we are proudly stepping into the spotlight as ambassadors of our city’s narrative through the powerful medium of dance,” said Erin Warner Prange, Executive Director. 

As the 2023-2024 Season’s capstone production to usher the company into its next chapter, “Identity” celebrated the innovative voices shaping contemporary dance. The spring concert showcased the boundary-pushing work of trailblazing multidisciplinary artists like 2021 Guggenheim Fellow Tommie-Waheed Evans, whose choreography blends cultural dance forms with powerful narratives often rooted in the Black experience. It also featured a world premiere by 2022 Princess Grace Award winner Omar Román De Jesús, who uses movement to express the complexities of Latinx identities. By platforming these vital creative forces, “Identity” reflected Saint Louis Dance Theatre’s commitment to promoting diverse perspectives and narratives through its pioneering performances.

“Our dancers are the embodiment of this city’s spirit – its grit, grace and relentless drive to push boundaries,” explained Kirven Douthit-Boyd, Artistic Director of Saint Louis Dance Theatre. “We channel the raw energy and passion that runs through St. Louis’ veins.” 

This fall, Saint Louis Dance Theatre introduces the (RE)Imagine 2024-2025 season, a bold redefinition of their mission as they embrace their new brand signifying global artistry, closer audience engagement, and a renewed commitment to diversity and artistic excellence. This rebrand isn’t just a new chapter for them—it’s a promise to ignite a shared passion for the arts within the community, making every performance with Saint Louis Dance Theatre an opportunity to define the city as a hub for dance.

The pillars of Saint Louis Dance Theatre’s upcoming season are:

(RE)Claimtheir identity through the lenses of creative justice and artistic excellence. (RE)Build their brand, centering multiplicity and honoring their promise to be a safe space for bold artistic voices from diverse backgrounds. (RE)Fine their vision and goals to inspire longstanding and new patrons. 

“St. Louis has always been a city of explorers, innovators and visionaries,” added Douthit-Boyd. “With our new name, revised mission, and bold artistic direction, we are staking that claim once again and inviting St. Louisans to take pride in the Gateway City’s extraordinary cultural heritage.”

With a grand vision of elevating St. Louis as a nationally recognized arts destination, Saint Louis Dance Theatre aims to deepen connections locally while showcasing the region’s pioneering creative force on a national scale.  For more information, visit

St Louis Dance Theatre, Image credit St Louis Dance Theatre