A Celebration of the Life of Jennifer Muller

A Celebration of the Life of Jennifer Muller

Jennifer Muller/The Works will celebrate Founding Artistic Director Jennifer Muller (1944-2023) with a memorial at The Joyce Theater on Monday, November 6, 2023 at 7:30pm. Friends, members of the dance community and generations of her company members will come together to honor Jennifer’s life and legacy with an evening of remembrances, historical footage and live performances, including excerpts from Jennifer’s Aria, Miserere Nobis, Tangle, Spotted Owl, and Speeds. Also featured will be a special appearance by a member of The Limón Dance Company in Sphinx, originally created for Jennifer by José Limón when she was a dancer with his company.

Guest Speakers of the evening will include: Mark Linn Baker, Actor, Director, Founder of New York Stage and Film; Marty Beller, Composer, Drummer for They Might Be Giants; Ronald K. Brown, Artistic Director of Evidence, A Dance Company; Henriette deVeer, Family Member; Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Artistic Director of EMERGE125; Brian McIver, JMTW Board Chair; and Christopher Pilafian, Founding Member of JMTW.

Jennifer Muller was a world-renowned artist who touched innumerable hearts and minds through her passion and creative spirit. She led with vision, perseverance, and a steadfast belief in creativity as an essential part of being human.

Join Jennifer’s family of dancers, collaborators, staff and friends in celebrating her extraordinary contributions to the world. Admission to A Celebration of the Life of Jennifer Muller is free, with RSVP in advance. The event will be broadcast online at a later date. RSVP

Jennifer Muller/The Works is self-producing this Celebration of Life, and is turning to Jennifer’s supporters to help finance theater crew expenses, dancer fees, and the costs of presenting historical footage. Despite sizable production expenses, JMTW isn’t charging ticket fees to keep this event accessible for all.

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“On behalf of the JMTW Board of Directors, past and present, we feel a great sadness losing the creative spirit that was Jennifer. She truly was an original, an innovator and an incredible talent. While we feel this tremendous loss, it has been an honor of a lifetime to work towards her common goal of opening hearts and minds around the world for nearly 50 years. Jennifer impacted the lives of countless professional dancers, choreographers, collaborators, dance companies and audiences, as well as thousands of children in the New York City education system. The legacy she leaves behind will be felt for generations to come.” — Brian McIver, JMTW Board Chair

Jennifer Muller (October 16, 1944-March 29, 2023) was a creative force in the modern dance world for over 50 years. She was known for her visionary approach and innovation in dance and theater, her multi-disciplinary productions incorporating both spoken word and live and commissioned music, artist-inspired decor, and unusual production elements.

She founded Jennifer Muller/The Works in 1974 and served as Artistic Director until she passed away. For 45 years, she led the company to global recognition for its dynamic theatricality, virtuosity, and humanity. The company toured to 39 countries on four continents, including a State Department tour of South and Central America, performed in 30 states, and self-produced 28 seasons in New York City. Throughout her career, Muller created over 125 pieces, including seven full evening productions.

Muller was highly respected in her field. She was chosen as a founding member of the World Arts Council in 2003–selected as one of 30 artists across six disciplines and the only American drawn from the dance field. Internationally renowned as a consummate teacher and mentor of creative talent, Muller was one of the only choreographers of her generation to develop an original technique, based upon principles drawn from Eastern philosophy. TanzPlan Berlin’s Center for Dance chose Muller Polarity Technique as one of seven unique, contemporary dance techniques for its publication/DVD Tanztechnik 2010. Additionally, she developed unique programs in creative thinking and non-verbal communication entitled Creative Mind Workshops for dancers and non-dancers alike. Inspired by Muller’s technique and philosophical tenets, company alumni have gone on to faculty positions in universities, colleges and studios across the globe.

Jennifer Muller believed passionately in the importance and power of live dance. She devoted her life to this art form, which she experienced and framed as a medium of communication with the capacity to reach people from all walks of life. She encouraged dancers, creatives, students, and audiences to trust their humanity, deepen their imagination, and ultimately to connect in a shared and potentially transformative experience. From this essential mission unfurled more than 50 years of extraordinarily productive creativity and a monumental body of work that has reached countless people around the world.

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