American Dance Movement Unveils Official 2023 National Dance Day Routine

American Dance Movement Unveils Official 2023 National Dance Day Routine

American Dance Movement (ADM) has unveiled the official National Dance Day 2023 routine choreographed by “World of Dance” finalist and YouTube sensation, Poppin John. The routine invites dancers and enthusiasts alike to embrace dance as a valuable form of exercise and artistic expression leading up to the nationwide celebration on Saturday, Sept. 16.

Poppin John is an iconic choreographer and movement artist that has shared his crowd-pleasing robotic illusions, silky smooth waves and explosive popping moves for more than 25 years. He has performed, battled and taught dance classes across the globe, amassing more than 1 million subscribers and more than 250 million combined views on YouTube.

Capturing the attention of companies across a wide variety of industries, he has worked with brands including Hyundai, Lipton, Metro PCS, Head & Shoulders, Lego, Acura, Pepsi and more. Poppin John was featured in the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and danced alongside her during the performance of “Blank Space” at the American Music Awards in 2014. He has also made appearances on “Ellen,” “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” among other hit shows.

Each year since 2010, American Dance Movement has celebrated National Dance Day with an official routine from acclaimed choreographers that aims to make dance more accessible and inclusive. The tutorial is meant to act as a guide for the official routine, and American Dance Movement encourages dancers of all abilities, ages and skill levels to make it their own by putting their unique spin on it.

This year’s instructional video includes a step-by-step tutorial of the routine, demonstrated by Poppin John and other talented dancers including Chelsie Hill, founder of the Rollettes; Tony Bellissimo from the “Step Up” movie franchise and “So You Think You Can Dance;” along with Jai Robinson, Emily Figueroa, Ayanna Dowell and Cody Copley. This year’s routine is available on ADM’s YouTube channel and website.

Anyone may participate in National Dance Day by sharing a video of themselves doing the choreographed routine on social media, as well as tagging and mentioning ADM on InstagramFacebook and TikTok at @AmericanDanceMovement, and using the hashtags #NationalDanceDay2023 and #DanceWithADM. Participants may also join interactive co-hosted events around the country on Saturday, Sept. 16 at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.; and Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California.

ADM has encouraged communities to get moving through dance for more than a decade by funding dance education in underserved communities, as well as educating the public on the many benefits of dance, such as improved cardiovascular health, self-confidence, self-expression, social skills and more.

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