BodyVox Announces 2023-24 Season

BodyVox Announces 2023-24 Season

BodyVox is excited to announce their 26th Season! Their mission continues to center on serving the community through the art of dance. BodyVox strives to inspire and delight the community, whether through performances or classes and events.

The COVID episode sent shockwaves through the nation, and Portland was hit hard. Portland is experiencing an uneven regeneration…people are congregating again, but BodyVox’s conversations lead them to believe this is still a very vulnerable time for all arts organizations. Ticket sales are down, funding is challenging. Yet, BodyVox believes the arts and culture sector of Portland will play a critical role in leading us into the next era of greatness Portland has enjoyed in the past. BodyVox, and all arts organizations, are going to be leaders in this rebirth.

The BodyVox Dance Center can be a beacon of hope, vitality and reinvigoration in the community. To better serve the community, they have added two new studios and a community lounge in the Dance Center to house their Youth Dance Program and Junior Artist Generator. BodyVox has also added several new classes to serve all ages in a variety of disciplines, from high level ballet and contemporary to dance/fitness classes that are just plain fun. The BodyVox Dance Center now sees over 400 people a week taking classes and joining in the beauty and health of dancing. Their Community Engagement Program brings free movement workshops to kids in public schools and community centers throughout Portland, knowing that arts education is critical to youth development.

BodyVox’s 2023-24 season will feature special events, collaborations, presentations, and two mainstage productions.

The season opens with a collaboration between BodyVox, Chamber Music Northwest, Open Space, Oregon Symphony, and Portland Opera: Season Sampler at BodyVox on September 21.

Building on the belief that a vital performing arts scene is critical for the health and recovery of Portland, Season Sampler puts five performing arts organizations onstage together for one night only, performing excerpts of their upcoming seasons as a preview for audiences. This unique collection is designed as a collaborative effort for arts organizations to work together and invigorate the upcoming performing arts season. In the spirit of civic collaboration, the show will be free, but will require tickets to attend.

Flights will be premiered as a gala on January 27th, 2024; and then performed for two weeks at the BodyVox Dance Center: February 1-3 & 8-10, 2024.

With choreography by Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, Flights is a production that pairs BodyVox dances with Oregon wines. From exuberantly rich to mysterious and cloaked, the evening unfolds with a blending of the senses and an aura of discovery. Flights will be performed at the BodyVox Dance Center, and will also feature live music and character performance by David Saffert, America’s premiere Liberace impersonator.

In April, BodyVox will appear in a world premiere collaboration with Chamber Music Northwest: Beautiful Everything at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.

Choreographed by Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, Beautiful Everything is a sweeping structure within which diverse cohesive narratives point to an overarching destination of positivity, renewal and hope. An antidote to strife, ugliness, violence and polarization, Beautiful Everything celebrates the negotiation of struggle in the pursuit of a common sense of awe and beauty. It is a story of evolution and the unifying beauty of a shared human experience.

It will also be an evening of contrasts…beauty deepens with the tension of emotional gravity. But in this negotiation, beauty prevails. The production will involve an immersive video environment, and the wonderful music of Imani Winds. This is the third collaboration between BodyVox and Imani Winds, and the eighth between BodyVox and Chamber Music Northwest.

BodyVox will also co-present the following shows at the Dance Center:

YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS, written and performed by Andrea Parson, presented by From the Ground Up from November 9-11, 2023; and Everybody Hertz choreographed by Derion Loman, presented by Third Angle from May 16-18, 2024.

BodyVox’s Junior Artist Generator will perform in the following events:

JAG at Northwest Children’s Theatre September 30 & October 1, 2023; JAG Winter Showcase at BodyVox, December 8-9, 2023; JAG with Metropolitan Youth Symphony at BodyVox, May 31 & June 1, 2024.

For ticket information call 503.229.0627, or visit:

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