BodyVox announces its newest production: Flights with BodyVox

BodyVox announces its newest production: Flights with BodyVox

In a beautifully staged event, Flights with BodyVox pairs fine wines with exuberant dances from the vast BodyVox repertoire, including two world premieres. As a special added component Flights features nationally renowned Liberace tribute artist David Saffert. In a full evening of collaborative revelry, Liberace (Saffert) and BodyVox take the audience through a cornucopia of senses and sensations.

Flights with BodyVox will feature wines from Oregon, Washington, and California. Each region is recognized globally for their burgeoning wine industries. In the 1960’s and 70’s upstart winemakers and aspirational artisans began wine projects that are now some of the most distinguished wine labels on the planet.

The region is also recognized for its rich tradition of aspirational and innovative art. Dance in particular—from ballet to social to contemporary—has had a history of global impact coming from the region much like the wineries BodyVox will be collaborating with. BodyVox has been a community leader in the dance field for over 25 years.

The BodyVox Dance Center hosts over 65 classes a week for students aged 3 to 83+, performances by the BodyVox company, free open dance floor performance opportunities for the community, an art gallery for emerging artists, weekly free classes at community centers, and ongoing collaborations with other arts organizations. BodyVox is striving to be a true hub of art and optimism in Portland, Oregon.

While the evening features wonderful wines, there will be delicious beverage alternatives throughout the evening for our patrons who don’t imbibe.

Performances of Flights with BodyVox will take place February 1-3 & 8-10, 2024 at BodyVox, 1201 NW 17th Avenue, Portland. Tickets begin at $50. Click here to book now.