Carolina Collective Dance Centre Dancers Cast as Banana Splitz for Savannah Bananas

Carolina Collective Dance Centre Dancers Cast as Banana Splitz for Savannah Bananas

Carolina Collective Dance Centre announced a new partnership with the Savannah Bananas baseball team last week on opening night. This partnership will introduce young fans to a brand-new junior dance team called The Banana Splitz. 

“Our dancers are so excited to be the newest cast members of Savannah Bananas,” says Tess Luechtefeld, owner of Carolina Collective Dance Centre. “It is a huge opportunity for them to learn this aspect of dance performance. When Zachary Frongillo, Director of Entertainment, reached out to me- we jumped at the opportunity.” 

In just a few short weeks, competition choreography was modified, new choreography was set by Melanie Lastrina, sparkly green costumes were ordered, and the team worked hard to make this concept come to life. The dancers squeezed in additional rehearsals between competition season, recital, and auditions. Their hard work was filled with huge smiles and excitement. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for these dancers ages 9-11 in Bluffton, South Carolina. 

“The goal and the act was simple: have a young dance team that wears green because they aren’t quite ripe yet and they finish every dance routine with a split,” says Jesse Cole, owner of Savannah Bananas. “He found one of the most talented group of young dancers I’ve ever seen. The response for the Splitz was very strong. Huge ovation by the live crowd and over 100,000 views on social media.”

The Savannah Bananas have taken the country by the storm with their unique take on the game of baseball. From The Banana Nanas, a senior citizen dance team, to players performing choreographed dances each game, attending a Savannah Bananas game is unlike any other baseball game you’ve been to! Visit to learn more.

Carolina Collective Dance Centre offers boutique technical dance training to dancers ages 18 months- 18 years. Specializing in the industry’s most up-to-date technical training in a small town is important to the studio. They travel across the South East competing in the leading conventions and competitions. They will be dancing as the official junior dance team “The Banana Splitz” all season and look forward to performing at NASCAR this Fall. 

Visit to learn more.

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