Dance Informa to launch in the UK very soon!

Dance Informa to launch in the UK very soon!

We’ve got exciting news!

Launched in Sydney, in 2006, Dance Informa quickly became the industry leader in online dance publishing, developing a US team and expanding into North America shortly after.

After repeated requests and much anticipation, we will be publishing a new UK magazine to report on UK and European dance news, performances and opportunities. The magazine will go live very soon! 

Dance Informa aims to empower dance artists by keeping them engaged, informed, inspired and connected in their creative endeavours. We are so excited to offer Dance Informa to the UK industry this Fall,” says Dance Informa Founder and Editor-in-Chief Deborah Searle.

With new content daily at, reporting on the happenings, news and events of the dance and performing arts industry in this third international region, we cement our place as a global dance leader.

Through versatile directories will include comprehensive audition, event, studio, employment and company listings service making it the ‘go-to’ resource for the dance community.

With over 17 years in the industry, Dance Informa is now a staple for dancers, educators, producers, audiences and the wider arts community who want access to the latest information at their fingertips.

Dance Informa prides itself on being a free service to the performing arts industry. Subscription is 100% free. Head to the new landing page to sign up to be one of the first to receive the inaugural edition of Dance Informa UK. Dance Informa will then arrive straight to your inbox, and you can visit and (once live) at any time to view the latest content.

Whether you’re interested in keeping up with dance around the world, looking to travel and secure opportunities, or want to advertise to a UK and European audience, we want to hear from you as we prepare to launch.

Dance companies and artists are encouraged to send press releases and materials as we continue to develop our UK coverage prior to the launch.

Dance journalist? If you’d like to join Dance Informa’s expanding team of contributors, please reach out today.

Dance events, competitions, suppliers, studios and teachers are invited to submit their listings to the Dance Informa directories prior to the launch by emailing them to Once the site is live these can easily be updated yourself by registering for a free account.