Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Presents the World Premiere of TEN-GALLON

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Presents the World Premiere of TEN-GALLON

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance is proud to announce the highly anticipated world premiere of TEN-GALLON, a revolutionary dance production created by the internationally award-winning choreographer and director Joshua L. Peugh. This audacious work ventures into uncharted territory, delving deep into the heart of masculinity as portrayed by classic Western films and literature. By challenging conventional notions and reimagining the narrative, TEN-GALLON is set to captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of dance.

Set against the backdrop of the American West, TEN-GALLON takes audiences on an extraordinary journey through the multifaceted dimensions of masculinity. Drawing inspiration from iconic Western tropes, the production questions the traditional definitions of manhood and reshapes them into a compelling, contemporary narrative. The show skillfully merges athletic modern dance movement with thought-provoking storytelling, offering a fresh perspective on a timeless genre.

The production features original music composed by longtime Dark Circles collaborator Brandon Carson, costumes designed by Elizabeth Bourgeois, and lighting designed by Nikki DeShea Smith.

The stellar cast of TEN-GALLON includes a blend of local talent and national excellence. El Paso natives George Avalos and Anthony Chacon contribute their unique flair to the production, along with the remarkable Salvatore Bonilla, Sebastian Garcia, and Ian Spring. This ensemble of dancers brings vibrancy and depth to the characters, breathing life into Peugh’s choreography and narrative vision.

The world premiere of TEN-GALLON is scheduled from October 12 to 15 at the Pebble Hills High School Blackbox Theatre in El Paso, TX. During the production week, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance will extend its creative reach by engaging with students from Socorro ISD Fine Arts through teaching, coaching, and mentoring initiatives. This unique endeavor aims to inspire the next generation of artists while fostering a deep appreciation for dance and the arts.

Following its inaugural run, TEN-GALLON will embark on a tour, with its next destination being East Central University in Ada, OK. This extended journey will allow audiences across different communities to experience the reimagined world of masculinity through the lens of contemporary dance.

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance is committed to pushing artistic boundaries and sparking meaningful conversations through innovative performances. TEN-GALLON promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of masculinity, an enthralling spectacle of movement and emotion that will leave an indelible mark on the world of dance and beyond.

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance is a trailblazing dance company known for pushing the boundaries of movement and storytelling. Led by visionary choreographer Joshua L. Peugh, the company challenges convention and inspires audiences through its unique artistic approach. With a commitment to collaboration and innovation, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance continues to redefine the possibilities of contemporary dance on both local and global stages.

For more information, tickets, and updates, please visit Dark Circles Contemporary Dance’s official website: www.dccdusa.com