Regina Klenjoski Dance Company returns to Los Angeles with West Coast Premiere of 'The Golden Apple'

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company returns to Los Angeles with West Coast Premiere of ‘The Golden Apple’

Proud to bring six professional contemporary dancers, an original score, animated visual backgrounds, and spoken-word, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company (RKDC) returns to its Los Angeles roots – for one night only – at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance on October 21, with the west coast premiere of The Golden Apple, an innovative interdisciplinary contemporary dance performance drawing inspiration from a Macedonian folk tale which explores themes of power and stewardship in a modern context. Artistic Director and Choreographer Regina Klenjoski crafts an imaginative evening-length work that uses contemporary dance as an abstract language to question the impact of economic and social systems on our planet’s conservation.

The Golden Apple loosely follows the narrative of a rural protagonist, who, with the help of nature’s allies, defies a kingdom’s control over wealth, land, and people. A thought-provoking and visually stunning production that challenges the audience to reflect on our interdependence with the natural world.  

Performing at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance is especially poignant, as it was in this theater where Klenjoski’s company made its debut 24 years ago, in 1999. For the 16 years between 1998 to 2014, the professional troupe, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, had been an artist-in-residence at the Torrance Cultural Services Division and received 26 Lester Horton awards for Klenjoski’s choreography, her collaboration with artists in music, costuming, and performance, and her production of the SOLA Contemporary Dance Festival from 2001-2008. This performance marks the company’s first full evening length performance since The Crossings which premiered at the James Armstrong Theatre in 2010.

The Golden Apple, which Klenjoski began creating in the fall of 2022, arises from Klenjoski’s deep connection to nature and to her homeland, Macedonia. This expansive 90 minutes of dance, with a 15-minute intermission, addresses the urgent mandate to consider our natural resources as elements to preserve, use wisely and protect. Klenjoski comes, as always, to her challenging topics through the lens of her Macedonian heritage. For this production, she found the tale, “The Boy Who Hid in the Golden Apple” in a children’s book she purchased while in Macedonia.

“For so many reasons, our return to the Torrance stage with this production in October is an important homecoming for me,” Klenjoski stated, feeling the pull of home after a four-year absence since Angelenos have seen her professional work.

The Golden Apple has been described as “outstanding,” with “lovely intricate choreography,” and ”gorgeous visuals.” According to an audience member, “I was moved deeply by every movement.”

The creative team includes RKDC founder, artistic director and choreographer Regina Klenjoski; original music from Salt Lake City composer Michael Wall; animation and film design by Kansas City artist Stephen Goldblatt; live poetry and spoken word by Cydnee A. Reese; costume design by Susan Rendall and Los Angeles costume consultant Denise Lichter; and Lighting Design by Kansas City designer Zan De Spelder.

Tickets for the October 21 performance at 8 p.m. range from $35-$45 at