2013 Prix de Lausanne Choreographers

Prix de Lausanne ballet competitionThe Prix de Lausanne has announced the names of the three choreographers who have generously offered their contemporary variations to the candidates of the 2013 competition: Didy Veldman, Goyo Montero and Jorma Elo. All three artists have well-established, international reputations.

In the coming months, filmed versions of the choreographers’ works will be made available online to the 2013 candidates who will then select one of the variations for presentation in Lausanne.


During the week of the Prix, the candidates will receive training and advice from the choreographers or their assistants. The chance to work closely with a renowned choreographer is one of the hallmarks of the Prix de Lausanne, and an extremely rich and rewarding experience for the young dancers. 


The Prix de Lausanne is an international competition for young dancers of all nationalities aged 15 to 18 who are not yet professionals. 2013 will mark the competition’s 41st year.

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