Gone for breast cancer awareness Gone Dance Program for Breast Cancer AwarenessThe D’Valda and Sirico Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Dance Teacher Web have teamed up to create a new program for dance studios called Gone. The program will help educate children about cancer and raise funds for breast cancer research. Gone is a unique way that dance studios can not only encourage awareness of cancer but also build a community of supporters for those fighting it. The program provides an opportunity for the dance community to step up and be involved in a wonderful cause.


“The key to this program is that it is not just about raising funds but that it will also help children to understand the importance of self examination and awareness,” said Foundation President Angela D’Valda Sirico.


There are several ways to become involved in the programs, ranging from buying shorts, videotaping choreographed dance routines, taking pictures or creating a unique event at a participating studio. The program runs through November 15 and schools will receive special recognition for their support.


“We invite all dance studios, both here in the United States and around the world, to join us in this great cause that will not only help to educate your students but will give your dancers the opportunity to be part of a vibrant dance community globally, benefitting people everywhere,” added Foundation Vice President Steve Sirico.


For all the details and to join this exciting new venture, visit www.danceteacherweb.com/5678Gone.