Boston’s Marblehead School of Ballet’s New Tai Chi and Qi Gong Series

Boston dancers can introduce balance into their lives in The Marblehead School of Ballet’s new series, Beginner Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Leda Elliot introduces a new series, Beginner Tai Chi and Qi Gong, at the Marblehead School of Ballet from July 21 through August 11. Dancers will learn a range of movements from the Tai Chi Yang style form, the Rooting Pine Qi Gong Method, and some simple exercises to enhance harmony of the mind and the body in this new class on Sundays.


 “Tai Chi and Qi Gong provide wonderful additions to our curriculum.  They will aid the development of a dancer, as well as the non-dancers, who are interested in improving their health and well-being.  People from a range of backgrounds, including office workers, executives, stay-at-home parents, caregivers, and others benefit from this new class.  Seniors can enhance their mobility and balance.  This helps people reduce anxiety, treat depression, improve joint and organ health and balance blood pressure,” explained Paula K. Shiff, Director of the Marblehead School of Ballet.


The class is open to adults and youngsters, ages 13 and up.  No previous experience is necessary.  All are welcome.


Leda Elliot joins the MSB’s faculty, as the school’s new Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor.  “Tai Chi and Qi Gong provide several benefits.  They are an extremely gentle form of exercise, suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Both Tai Chi and Qi Gong help enhance the body’s natural ability to heal, while cultivating balance, harmony and equilibrium in the mind and body through a series of gentle flowing, meditative movements.  Although seemingly gentle, they increase strength, flexibility and balance through the peaceful flowing movements,” explained Elliot.


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Leda Elliot  Photo Credit: Leda Elliot

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